Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: NIV Once-a-Day Bible for Women from Zondervan and Walk Thru the Bible

Review: NIV Once-a-Day Bible for Women
Zondervan and Walk Thru the Bible

As the date indicates this is not a new version of the NIV Bible, but a new edition.  This product has been arranged into a read plan that includes a portion of the Old Testament, New Testament, and a Psalm or Proverb.  Most of us have seen similar plans.  The nice part of this one is that you do not have to keep checking a list for the next segment.  Or have a series of bookmarks or however you may have marked the readings for this plan.  One set of readings follows the other and may be started at any time since the days are numbered and not dated.  

What makes it for women besides the pretty pink cover?  Each day has a reflection that focuses on an item of interest to women from the daily reading.  For instance a reflection I read today spoke to the worth of women as portrayed in the Bible and in this case Paul, himself.  

I have to admit I didn’t think I would like this arrangement.  What about continuity and all that?  Well, I discovered this works just fine.  In fact it even reinforces, for me, what the previous day’s reading was about.  I was pleasantly surprised.  

The paperback version is a comfortable size, the font may be a bit small for some in which case a Kindle version might work better since that allows for resizing to suit your needs.  As some have mentioned this is a Bible designed for a particular reading plan.  Finding any reference quickly is for the standard book arrangement style Bible.  Overall, I liked this idea and will probably continue to use it for my own daily reading.

This book was provided to me by the publisher in return for a review.

Review: Abraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith by Charles R. Swindoll

Review: Abraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith
Charles R. Swindoll
Tyndale House Publishers

Swindoll revisits the life of Abraham and shows that the faith journey of a man who lived many years ago is not that different from ours today.  This easy reading book does not mean that the author glossed over some important issues.  Life styles, decisions, attitudes, doubts---it’s all there along with the successes that Abraham experienced within the twenty chapters that Swindoll included in this book.

Do not attempt to devour this book at one sitting. There’s too much in each chapter to consume in that manner.  It would make a good devotional reading or a companion read to the Genesis account of the life of Abraham.  The final chapter title, Portrait of a Hero…Warts and Everything, (247) best describes the picture of Abraham the reader will find here and will presumably be encouraged by it.

One other thing I liked about this book that the publisher did---when the dust jacket is removed the hardcover beneath repeats the cover graphic.  Very nice touch.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my review.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: God’s Story for You: Discover the Person God Created You to Be by Neil T. Anderson

Review: God’s Story for You: Discover the Person God Created You to Be
Neil T. Anderson
Bethany House Publishers

This is the first of the Victory Series studies designed by the author as a “comprehensive discipleship course” (155).  The series will be an eight book series by the author.  This particular study is foundational and even though it seems too basic at first glance, it is not.  Neither is it so difficult that it would be not be useful for its stated purpose.

This study contains six sessions that examine the Person of God as He relates to His creation.  Therefore, the first session covers not only the beginnings of the story, but also the natures of God and man, why that matters, and what expectations exist between God and man.  Through five different lessons that conclude with questions to consider, the reader will have a basic, yet thorough, understanding of the early interactions between God and man.  The sessions that follow grow from that point forward.  

The sessions depend on the scripture reading suggested and the brief couple of pages that the author supplies for the participant.  As Anderson states in the introduction the “VICTORY SERIES is far more than an intellectual exercise ...For the truth to transform your life, you must believe it personally and allow it to sink into your heart.” (9-10). He urges the reader to live what he believes. And he assumes a student that is serious in that endeavor.

My thoughts about this book have changed as I looked into it more deeply as I mentioned earlier.  Do not choose this series if you are not ready for some devoted time to think about what you have read and its application in your life.  If on the other hand, growth and maturity are your goal, this series may be helpful to you.  Given that caveat, I do recommend this study and this first of the series to you.

This book was provided by the publishers in exchange for my review.