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Lazy Summer Days Happening Now

Almost July.  Better get another post in for the fun of it.  Just had some real summer weather here and glad for the AC.  Oh yes.  I enhanced my carbon footprint significantly.  But I could also breathe.  Gotten accustomed to that habit.  Supposed to be cooler outside but it hasn't happened yet.  Try it later on.

So what have I done of any import lately.  Nothing.  Just lazing around.  Haven't written a review lately even.  I do have one sort of done but don't like it.  If I don't like it I suspect the author wouldn't either.  They can take criticism pretty well but what I've got now doesn't do that or praise him for his efforts.  Give it another try later.  

The problem I'm having is that I'm too close to the material this time.  Not sure why and that's probably what the writer was hoping for but I can't back off enough to be objective or at least not as subjective.  Give it some more time to ferment and see what happens. 

The oilspill is begi…

BP, Ranting, and Checking Out

Might have a new look. Check it out after I'm done here. If it worked it was really easy to do. Like easy. Most of us do, I guess.

Tired of all the BP bashing, ranting, dodging yet? I am quite sure I am. What is all that posturing about. Will it fix anything? Bring back those that were killed on the rig? Restore the Gulf to its pre-spill condition? Nope. The question is whether the folks in power and those in the know will do anything that really matters to fix both the spill and whatever caused it to happen in the first place. And will any of them look for better methods to clean up when it happens again.

Yeah, it'll happen again. No sets of rules or pieces of equipment are fail proof. And accidents will still occur. And since no one seems ready to give up oil and petroleum products, like plastics, we really need to get serious about this. I think so anyway. And now.

Remember everyone laughing at a movie line that said something like, "Greed is good." …

Testing New Stuff

Test flying my new computer. So far so good. The old one decided to have a melt down almost literally. Don't know about that sort of thing or why they decide to do that, just that they do. RIP the old and move on with the new. And move is what the mouse does now until I get used to the pad being a little left of where the other one was. Sort of a game---find the mouse.

Must talk about the weather. It is positively the best right now. Sun, breeze, cool. Just the opposite of a few days ago. Feel like a different person when the weather is good. Got to find a way to keep that going. oh, yeah.

Decided to try Twitter. Not sure about it yet. Bunches of odd little quips that don't seem to relate to anything around them. Just odd blurps. Sort of IM to the universe. Then some big brother program somewhere sorts them for references relating to a particular word. No one seems to care about that, I guess. Makes you wonder if other communications are as easily monitored. H…