Sunday, December 27, 2009

Floating Downstream

Wow. Been quite a while since I've been here. Tried a couple of times but that's as far as it got. Now the new year is closing in on me and a few billion other folks and it's time to put up a final word or two before it arrives. Made it through Christmas, but only by the skin of my teeth. If the kids hadn't come down it'd been even closer than that. I'm hoping things will start looking brighter soon.

I mentioned the new year. Do I want to make any resolutions? If there was the slightest chance even one of them might survive I'd do it. But... Yeah. All good intentions but no follow through marks the trail behind me. The only solace is that I'm not too different from most folks in that respect. Not that that makes failure any more palatable. Looks like a double edged sword here. If I don't make any resolutions then I'm a loser, but if I do and then don't follow them then I'm a loser that way as well. Hmm. I smell a rat somewhere but don't know quite what to do about that.

Change the subject. That's one way of avoiding and ignoring the previously mentioned unpleasantness. So what's the deal with the guy that tried to blow up a plane? And even more bothersome, what about the security that let him through? Pretty strange. And to fail in such a grand way is even weirder. Things are just getting plain strange any more. Or I just am missing something in all the goings-on? Just wondering.

Watching the digital picture frame rotate through the Italy pictures. Some good ones. Lots of history there and it's a history that's connected to me more than I realized. Odd. But the connection is through Christianity. Interesting that it's not through family or country of origin. To me that's says that connection is more important in my life than the others. Who would've have ever thought that would be so?

Well the end of the year musings are nearly done. Some folks might list all their accomplishments. Or recount their woes. Or make some pithy statement pertaining to life in general. I've got none of that going on here. It'd be of interest to no one but me. And maybe not even that. Time moves on. With or without me. I'm the little speck of dust that floated downstream on it. Like some wide eyed kid straining to see what's around the bend. Yep. That's about right for me. So unless I get really motivated this ought to be it for 2009. We'll see.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ignorance, Bliss, and Perfection

Ah. A new post at last. December has happened already. This year has glided right passed me. Swoosh. Now Christmas is just right there on the calendar. Only have one more idea to come up with and the gift thing will be done. Not necessarily purchased, but at least planned.

Buying for adults is tough. Mostly because the ones on my list either have it, don't want it, or it costs too much. Leaves out a bunch of stuff the retailors would want to sell. Not sure, but something tells me the bulk of their sales go to the under, say, 18 crowd. Or to the adults that are still living in that mind set. Sad, sort of. Especially if a major section of the population is 60ish.

Missed seeing Obama deliver his speech last night, but not the discussion afterwards. Turned it off after a few minutes. The question of can he sell it to the people seems silly. He just did what he's paid to do and that is make a decision. What's to sell? It's a done deal. Right, wrong or somewhere in between. The troops will go.

Sometimes the days of ignorance look good. Except for some obscure extra points question on an exam, nobody ever heard of Afghanistan. Most of us couldn't find it on a map even now. Just what, beside oil and opium, is so important about that whole part of the world? Oh, I just answered my own question I think. Not sure the human rights issues and nation building have anything to do with it. The problem with thinking that way and saying it is that then I get accused of being unsupportive to the troops that end up over there. Them I support, the reasons for the deployment not so much.

The days of some fiendish evil empire that needs destruction along with all it's denizens are probably a thing of the past. Now there's the phantoms that lurk in the shadows and are used as leverage tools. The whole population isn't involved, suppposedly, only a few bad apples that no one can control. Hmm. Smell a rat anywhere? I do. To complicated for me. I'm a product of the good guys/bad guys era.

Well, let's see. I signed up to part of a program that reviews books for a particular publishing house over a month ago, got the go ahead, requested the book from their list and have never received it. Makes me sort of wonder. Guess they reconsidered my worthiness to review for them. Still sort of irks me though.

NaNoWriMo is officially over now. Ended up with a little over 60K words. Unedited words. The really hard part starts now. Maybe next week I'll start evaluating it. Getting a tighter plot line down, looking at what fits that and what doesn't and then rewriting. Enjoyed this story much more, but it meanders around and has indeed become a trilogy in the making. That is good and bad. Good in that it worked well enough to grow, and bad for pretty much the same reason.

It's outgrown my current ability. Stretching is supposed to be a good thing and this really would do that if I decide to work that hard on it. Right now it's the sit back and ruminate time. Reread it in a week or so. Knowing that the authors that are called great have had whole giant chunks of their books round filed or seriously reworked make this more palatable. I used to think that the first draft was a nearly finished work that just needed a bit polish. But now I know the truth and it makes this next part much more OK. That's a big deal for someone who has perfectionist tendencies. That's growth.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Winner!!

Haven't been here in a while. Just picked up my winner goodies from NaNoWriMo. Finished a bit earlier than I thought I would. That doesn't mean my novel is complete. Not by a long shot. Not even the first draft. That surprised me. Last year's was as done as I could get it at a little over 50K. This one may go to 70K or 80K. The genre was different and a whole lot more fun. The characters are fun to work with even the bad guys. Just thought I'd savor the moment a little longer. Winning feels good.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nano, Nukes, and Space Dust

Time to put a few words on the old blog. Haven't done much for a while. Nano is getting all the attention right now. Just put 27K on the charts. Only how many more for a win? Don't go there. Just keep moving. I am passed the half way mark though and proud of that. Not too shabby from a dead start. Enjoying it more this year. Not so much pressure. Just sit back and ride with the characters as they discover their world.

Let's see what else I can talk about beside nano. What about I signed up for Script Frenzy? That's not nano. OK, it's a definite cousin then. And that doesn't count as a new idea. But while I'm on it, it looks like fun. All that needs to happen between now and then is learn who to write a play. Couldn't write a 50K anything not long ago, so I believe that this too is possible. Given a little help.

Any body besides me think that some of the stuff mentioned in conjunction with the four horsemen of the apocalypse is looking more real lately? Or is it just all the hype about some end of the world flick? Not sure, but all of a sudden things aren't what they were. My world is not so predictable and dependable. Stuff that used to be relegated to futuristic drama is happening. Remember the threats of a China as a world power or the Russians and the Arabs getting together in some plot or another. It ain't make believe no more. And this isn't Kansas, either.

Know what else? I find myself thinking thoughts like "Well why can't they have a nuke?" Whoever the they is today. Is the current they any more or less a threat than some other shoe yielding guy of yesteryear? Besides, who appointed the US as the arbiter of who gets what? And after touring a museum with graphic pictures of ancient, well 19th century, warfare and remembering the more recent pictures of machete war, a nuke doesn't look so bad. A much more humane way to kill whoever the enemy might be.

And retaliation is sure to follow. That deterred some folks years ago, but in today's world I'm not at all sure that would be the case. So as some improve their ideas of how to launch and all that stuff an old saying comes to mind. Bend over and kiss it good bye.

Is that bad? If evolution is for real and in some measure I think it is, then what would be the next round of life on the cinder formerly known as Earth. But wait we don't have to worry about that because a solar storm will finish stripping away the atmosphere. Boy, am I glad I didn't forget that. I feel much better now.
And so should you, you soon to be space dust.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital Fatigue

Been a few days so I thought I'd stop by and check in with myself. Wonder how one does that? Seemed like a good idea a minute ago. Anyway, been burning up the keys doing the Nano writing. Managed to cross the 15K mark earlier today. A bit ahead of schedule but not too much so. Trying to build a little cushion just in case the muses go on break.

This year has been more adventuresome than last. Exploring the world the characters live in with them. Worked pretty well so far. No Pulitzer or Nobel for it but that's not the point anyway. Nano does seem to eat your brain though. Find myself mulling over parts of it or thinking about inserting a scene here and there all the time now. If you haven't tried it you might want to.

Thinking about the Script Frenzy event that happens in the spring sometime. No clue how to put together a script. Might should ought look that up later on. If it does what I think it does, it would be a good exercise for tightening up dialogue. Read somewhere that even the dialogue should move the plot forward. I try to do that, but sometimes the characters just want to ramble.

As this bit of prose lengthens so does the debate in Congress, or the House to be more specific, about healthcare. Don't know where I stand on that. For sure the system needs work, not sure that government involvement is the answer. On the other hand, who else is there to step in? Call me fatalistic or whatever, I don't think the opinion of the little guys like me matter that much any more. Too much power and money out there. But if it makes you feel better, keep believing that you can make a difference in that respect.

Well, the fingers are tired, the eyes are burned out from staring at the screen for way too long now and the brain is beginning to circle back on itself. Must be time to do something else.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Mantra

Made it back for a few minutes before I take off again for more fun stuff. Just got back from a trek to NaNoWriMo land. Spent the better part of the afternoon increasing the word count globally. And locally.

This year is so different from last. Maybe because it's not the first year. To the point, I'm enjoying this year more. Part of it has to be the little talk I had with myself. "Self," I said, "this is for fun." There was lots more, but that's enough to get the gist of the conversation. So before I start I chant the mantra and then go at it. Haven't broken into the five digit count yet but that's OK. Fun.

Not sure about this time change. Dark at five o'clock doesn't seem right somehow. Here's a useless fact I garnered today. The sun's arc where I live has shifted significantly. It used to cruise over my roof but now it just makes it above the tree line which is a lot lower on the horizon. Didn't realize I lived that far north. Wonder what it does in a Alaska? Skim the horizon?

Voted today. Turn out was decent I suppose. The workers at my polling place said they'd seen about maybe half of the number from the general elections. Although all the campaigning that I whined back then is long gone, I could've used some of it for this one. Most of the names on the ballot I had never seen before. Informed voter?

How did I choose then? I have to admit I chose by gender and party if I didn't recognize a name from the list. Time will tell if that method works any better than listening to months of rhetoric. One other method I forgot to mention...the size signs the candidate had splattered all over the countryside. If I saw bunches of large signs and billboards, particularly the new animated ones, I voted for someone else. Scientific reasoning there is that someone financed the advertising and will then expect something in return. Jaded? Not for politics. Not in my life time anyway.

Got my first Christmas catalogue in the mail today. Been seeing decorations going up in the stores, but that starts as soon as back to school is over. Ignore that. Anybody remember getting the "wish book" form Sears? My siser and I would spend hours pouring over that book. The list had to be just right. We'd coordinate the wishes as best we could figuring if one of us messed up, maybe the other would get it and share. A different time then. We're grown now living on opposite coasts. And in different worlds.

Don't remember my kids doing anything like that. No wish book came to the house for them. No department store windows, no trip to the power company offices to see the big train layout. Guess they missed out on a special moment of time. Maybe being the age I am isn't so bad after all.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Envy

Wonder how much time folks spend on their blogs. Some of them are fabulous. Pictures and links and all sorts of good stuff. Of course some of them are themed like cookie recipes or travel or art or cars or noodles. You name it, there's a blog for it. Guess one of these days I'll have to update mine. Not in the foreseeable future though. No time right now. Procrastination. That could my theme. It'd be a big blank screen. Or not.

Saw a headline that the stimulus saved a bunch of teacher jobs in California. Good press right now, but what happens in the next fiscal cycle? California is still broke from what I hear, along with 49 other states and probably some territories too. I guess we can cut down a few more trees and print more money.

The dollar is being challenged as the coin of the world now I hear and the USA may be fading as the world leader. Not sure that's a bad thing really. We've tried to supply aid and troops to just about everyone since I can remember. (And that's quite a while now.) Maybe it is time for someone else to try to run the globe and solve all the problems. Let China fix what's wrong with the Sudan and Somalia. Or stop folks from blowing each other up all the time. England had the title for a while and had to give it up. They survived the trauma, so maybe we could too. Then all the ills of the planet could be someone else's fault besides ours.

While I'm on you suppose there is about to be a viable third party in this country? Will we have to form coalition governments? Or will the Republicans morph into something other than what they are currently. The next couple decades (or less) will be interesting in this nation. At least I think so.

Just in my area the political scene is so busy ratting each other out you have to wonder if there's anyone at the helm any longer. I guess the person on the switchboard might be left in place. It started with a couple of judges on the take and now it's a new name or two everyday in all political corners. A purge of sorts.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Nervous Now

Seems like I get here every couple of weeks. Had the grand idea of more often, but it hasn't worked out that way. Latest thing going here is the prep for NaNoWriMo. It starts Sunday. This Sunday. Like six days from now. Not ready at all. Ideas keep morphing toward the weird. Maybe I should let them morph. Yeah, right, and end up with a thousand words and no way to move forward. Not the best method for this sort of thing.

I had a character all constructed and she was absolutely without heart or scruples. Make a great wicked step mother figure. She was supposed to reconsider her ways and do good stuff. Not a chance! There are more colorful ways of expressing that but not now or here. She's bad. Sounds awesome, doesn't she?

See what I mean about the weirdness inside my head? Had another character that deals with terminal disease. Sounds like a tear jerker, right? Nope. Instead it becomes a treasure hunt for the heirs. A little less weird until they find their inheritance and then it gets on out there. Stephen King type weird.
Tried reading poetry even and you guessed it. Only the weird appealed to me.
Picked a book to read. Kafka. More weird. The worst of it--I think I understand him. How scary is that! Maybe all this is a sign that weird is the direction this year.

So, OK. Weird it is. The bad girl described above deals with a terminal illness and leaves her family the inheritance they all seek after and deserve. I think I hear eerie organ music playing in the background now. Just no vampires, please. The muses must have some pity. Don't they

On to other topics? Are there others with Nano six days off?

Apparently not.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow. Two weeks since I posted here. Really committed to doing this? Well, yes and obviously no. Can't say the time away produced any amazing news. Nano has been on my mind a lot lately for sure. Had one in the outline stages and scrapped it. No, put on the back burner when I realized it needed more planning than I was ready to do right now. Currently, I have a totally different idea and direction that looks to be "the one ". Coming together better with fewer holes in the plot line so far. Yea! What's the big deal about this? It's just the challenge of giving it go again.

Challenges. Must be the stuff of life. Definitely the reason some of us exist. Wonder what it is in our beings that makes that so? Not sure. There's a group of folks that want to explore and do and think. Then there's some that are just the opposite. Basic wiring? Acquired? Both probably. What I am sure of in my own existence is that the lack of new challenges, new ideas suffocates me. I don't like that either. But, looking at my daily routine you'd not guess that at first. Look a bit deeper and you'd see it. Same thing as a night person forced into a day person world. Doable but definitely not the best idea. That's me on both counts. Poor me!

The first snow of the season in progress now. It's slush and not accumulated so far. It is persistent though. Forecasts? Look out the window and get the same information. It's precipitating a mix of all the conditions possible for water except vapor. And it may be doing that as well, but I can't see it unless the low clouds count. If they do then we can see all that nature has to offer in water at one time. That's kind of exciting in a way.

Let's leave it at that today. A positive note, something to ponder, a challenge to look at the world in a more expanded view.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

October arrived today and for some reason that makes me happy. The leaves haven't turned, thick clouds obscured the sun, a damp northerly breeze added to the overall fallness of the day. Spellcheck says fallness isn't spelled correctly. Actually, it's probably not a word either but it works for me. Still October makes me happy today.
The biggest event aside from October's arrival happened a couple of days ago. I have an idea for Nano! That's a really big deal. So is the idea. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. I'd still like to try it just to see if I can come anywhere near pulling it off. It's going to be a scifi/political-ish idea. So far at least. Ideas morph as time goes along. See, I learned something from last years try at it. Now to get all pieces going for it so I can write when the contest starts.

So why am I doing this instead of creating the perfect alien creature or his world? I am creating but it's running in the background at the moment. The biggest thing might entail explaining the why's of the world and it's population. Why do the trees grow so tall? Why do they not have birds? Why are they building a fleet that will deplete their natural resources? Stuff like that. Like I said this is a big project. Ought to be fun.

Still reading NT's books. Started the reread of the blue book now. Got a couple of others going as well. No fiction though. Not reading much of it lately for some reason. Not even Oprah's latest choice whatever it's title. Must be a phase or something.

Speaking of reading I think I'll go do some of that now and bask in the beginnings of October with a good read.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Back from a brief trip to Florida. Drove. Bad mistake, but I survived and there's no carnage strewn along side the road so I guess everyone else did too. On the way dropped by Gettysburg, PA. Hadn't visited a site like that before. Had always thought a battle field would be nothing more than a big pasture and a few statues. Well, there's plenty of that there but there's also a lot more. I came away form there with a new sense of the history of my country. We had purchased a narrated driving tour booklet/CD that explained what I was looking at in a particular location. A battle, life and death, for hundreds and in some cases thousands happened here. The ground was soaked with the blood of young men fighting for a cause I knew nothing about. The Civil War. The War between the states. It has other names but I knew little except a bit I been told in school which I discovered had been woefully lacking in detail. I had never experienced such deep sorrow before in my life for persons so remote from me. I grew up a little bit. I learned to abhor greed more than ever before; I learned that stubborn men seeking their own agendas had fomented much of the discord; I learned the media played a larger role, even then, of disseminating information and propaganda than I had imagined; I learned that today's news and methods in politics is unchanged and could easily be substituted for their counterparts then. As close to an epiphany as I've been in a very long time.
On a much lighter vein, I need a good solid idea for Nano. Thought I had one a while back, but alas, no. Sign up starts in a few days and I really want to do that again this year. Hard to believe the start is only about thirty days out now. Keep looking. There's something out there. I know it. Can feel it but haven't seen it yet.
Enough of this for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Awaking the Muses

The latest from the return of my blog is here and now available. I keep putting this off and now it's been a while again. Just ran across someone else's site that lamented of ignoring his "duty" toward his blog for 10 days. Didn't check the date on my last entry, but I suppose it's been at least that long now.
Been reading more of NT Wright again. Justification this time. It's worth the read, but I may have to read Piper too now just to see what all the fuss is about. I've read Surprised by Hope which apparently ignited this round of tree felling and ink spilling and don't remember anything so earth shattering that would require a whole book to rebut that and then a rebuttal to the rebut. Not sure how that goes in in scholarly terms. Still reading so the verdict isn't in on this for me.
I will say that Wright has put some pieces together for me that just didn't seem to fit from what I had learned in my meeker bit of study. I started with the Surprised book which I just happened to pick up at a discount store. After that I decided to read further. Next was the Jesus and the Victory of God book. (Yeah, I like big heavy books and yes, I know it was the second of what is currently a trilogy.) I have to say that some of that book and the others in that series are a bit beyond my educational level, but I know that I got enough to say I like what the man has to say. Read him yourself and see what you think of him and his ideas.
In a different part of my life I'm currently searching for an idea for Nanowrimo. It's coming up soon and I'd like to participate again. Really enjoyed it last year which was my first. So far nothing has grabbed me like last years idea did. The muses are quiet now. Need to stir them up a bit. Last years idea came from a picture I saw on some internet news site. Been looking but apparently pictures aren't the source of inspiration they were last year. Or I just haven't seen the one that clicks yet.
Would like to try some sort of scifi maybe. Need to create a world? Or maybe something like Star Trek that totes around a normal world and just visits others. Don't need giant new worlds completed that way. Just enough to work for the adventure. Earthlings meet the Endlings. Yeah. Now what do you suppose that could be about? A group of beings whose tasks is to end things, sent by some superior being. Rehash of Revelations sort of. Could work, sort of. Why would the superior being send them? How can the earthlings prevent the endlings from accomplishing their goal? Or can they? Are the endlings programed or thinking beings? Can they be swayed? What would the superior being do about that? a rebellion? This could get to be fun. Think I'll look at this one some more.
Time to move along again. Ought to be digging around looking for clothes to take on a trip that's coming up. Not in the mood for that right now though. Besides the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and I must go catch the rays that have made it this far.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunny Days

The rain has gone, the sun is shining and I'm very pleased with the way things are now. Well, mostly pleased anyway. There's something about sitting in the sun...
Now what to blog about? Apparently Congress is still out of session. And the President is still on vacation? He deserves time off like anyone else. Noticed the glee the pollsters have displayed in reporting his
sinking numbers. Well, the new has worn off now. What else did anyone expect? Did anyone actually believe one man could move the mountains and Congress that quickly? Did anyone truly believe the special interests would step aside? And who believed that politicians didn't want to be re-elected? Time for a reality check. This is politics, politics 101 as a matter of fact. Not sure if there's a 201 level or not. Campaigns start the moment the polls close from the last election cycle. Can living that life be that good? Apparently it is.
Been reading some short stuff from a guy named Gunter Grass. Yes, there's supposed to be a punctuation thingy over the "u". Too much trouble to look for it and figure out how to place it. Anyway, sounds like he could use some mood elevators most of the time. Maybe his life history caused that sort of outlook on life in general. But it has gotten him some awards including a Nobel for literature. Reminds me of Hemingway in some ways. I'll continue to read through the book I've got despite what I've said. I like the way he puts thoughts together.
Here's something I didn't know until just recently. Touch pad type mice (mouses?) are lousy for gaming that requires good reaction times and coordination. Haven't decided if I should dig out the old style mouse or just dump the game. If I dump the game I won't have to find some other excuse for not being able to beat it. Yeah, that sounds about right. It's a design oversight. Not some geezerly eye-hand coordination problem. Works for me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy day today. Feels like the beginning of autumn. Almost is too. September's peaking over the horizon now. Frost instead of dew in the morning arrives shortly afterward up here. That means the bugs don't wake up as early though; so sitting on the deck with the morning coffee will be more enjoyable. Won't miss the little buggers either. But before all that happens there's generally one last warm up. So the melancholy can wait for a while.
Not much newsworthy conversation again. There's a rumor of a short "vacation" in the mill, but no reservations anywhere. It'll be a flyby of a couple of history type spots and a few days with relatives. That doesn't qualify as vacation in my book, but it's priced right. Having to buy a new car has really cramped the style around here IMHO. Ah, well. A dead vehicle in the driveway is worse yet, assuming you want to go somewhere that is. If you need a place to store stuff or plant petunias, then it's another story.
That's one of the things that really is odd up here. No, I'm not a native of the area. Dead vehicles are cheaper than sheds and I suppose they don't hit the tax roles. Which is another odd thing. The tax structure seems to be set up to encourage slumlike living. If the property looks good and is well kept it gets taxed more. So to avoid taxes, don't mow and don't fix up things. Gotta wonder what folks are thinking. Oh, and they don't have any service to get rid of large items like washers or sofas. Just throw them in a creek somewhere. But, they do have that service. You haul it to some place and pay them. What, you don't have some old pickup to do that? Gee.
Oh well. That's the way it is and probably will be for some time to come. Change isn't something that happens much around here. Status quo is good. Don't rock the boat.
So much for the rant. Yes, I feel better. No, it doesn't solve anything, but at least I had my say. That's one of the points of this anyway. A place to rant and no one hears.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

The latest from blogworld here. Yawn. Yeah, not much going on where I live. That's a good thing looking at some of the alternatives out there. Getting blown to bits or away topped the headlines today. That and a senator wanting to change the law in his state so they will have some one to vote on healthcare should it come to that. A vote, I mean. Time will tell.
Had to do an intervention of sorts in my garden today. To save the young tomato offspring from their parent plants. The disease or whatever it is has gotten worse and worse threatening any hopes of ripe fruit. So we picked everything that wasn't rotting. They'll taste like store bought now, but maybe a few of them will ripen enough to use. That is a really let down for my taste buds who were eagerly anticipating a real BLT.
Had a whole paragraph written and decided to keep my political opinions to myself for a while longer. A mission trip I took a month or so ago has me wondering about some things I saw. Need to think about it more. Meanwhile I'd loved to go back again. Hope I get the chance.
Found this nifty little item for using a laptop on your lap. It has a fan built into it and it runs off the power from one of the USB ports. Keeps the bottom the computer cool. No more trying to balance the computer so that my knees don't cook. Or am I the only one that has that problem? Guess not, since somebody invented and marketed the idea. Found at an office supply store.
Speaking of computers, there's a program out there that randomly surfs sites in certain categories for you. That's really cool since some of them aren't ones I'd ever found on my own. One of my preference choices was art. Well. There's a bunch of pretty odd stuff out there that shows up. Not necessarily offensive to my sensibilities but definitely pushing the limits. I understand some of the rants I've read about new ways of doing things now. Although... nah.
But what troubles me is the trend to the dark side that keeps showing up. Is the angst that great out there? Another thing that really bothers me is the way children are portrayed. It's disturbing since it shows them either very sad or with features that are provocative in a sexual sort of way. No I'm not a perv or looking for that sort of thing. Just an observer of a trend I see from random galleries that exist. If some of what Maplethorpe exhibited was banned or at least maligned then some of what I've seen is of the same ilk. Yes, I block the sites. Just for anyone that says well don't look then. It's more than not looking it's wondering if certain social and moral taboos are eroding to the point that children are more endangered than we know.
So much for my ramblings today. Now to find a title.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Void Is Not Empty Anymore

Why does the title bar give me reason to not post? Title? Who needs one for this sort of thing? Not me. But if I don't give the post a name, the posting mechanism grabs the first few words and uses them I've discovered. So OK, I'll think up something for that void that must be filled.
Still toying with making this a themed place versus just ramblings. There's a part of me that has to be ordered wants a theme. The rest of me asks why, shrugs and walks off. Same idea as the title bar I suppose. Is the universe ordered or is it chaos? is chaos a kind of order? Can it be predicted or does it just sort of happen? If it's predictable then is it still chaos? Help! That argument is for for all those super scholars to decide. Just thought I'd throw that out for grins.

On a more mundane level, why do my tomato plants and their fruit have some plant disease yet again this year? They get it if it's hot and dry. They get it if it's cool and wet. I'm beginning to think the area might be diseased. The soil or the surrounding plants. All the evergreens and maples in the area have some sort of thing destroying the leaves or what serves as a leaf on the evergreens. Wonder if it's catching? Maybe the birds and bugs spread it? Nothing seems to stop it. So, once again I watch the plants wither and die. If I were an author I could probably write some great tragedy around that idea. Then the scholars of tomorrow could debate if I was talking about my lousy garden or the plight of mankind in Myanmar or downtown Cincinnati. (Apologies to both places if any affront was taken.)

Noticed that missing freighter turned up somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Wouldn't you love to know the rest of the story? Maybe one of these days it'll come out? The crew, the last I heard, had been transferred to the Russians for questioning. It was their ship despite it's registry elsewhere. Hijacked?

Hmm. Maybe this ship thing could be an idea for Nanowrimo this year. Have to add it to my list of ideas. Now. Before I forget it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember how I was looking for something new to do with a butternut squash? Well, tried a recipe and discovered it was good. Really good. Found it on the web. No, I didn't think to save the link. But, trust me, those squash don't have to have sugar and cinnamon to taste yummy. This recipe basically boiled it, added a few other ingredients, and then pureed it. Pretty color and then it was served with red cabbage that had just a dash of soy sauce. That, too, was a very pleasant surprise. So to whoever posted that recipe many thanks. Now I've found to courage to try a few of the other ideas I've seen.
Looked up the nutritional info on it and that's even more good news. Eat, and eat some more, if you like because it's nearly free calorie wise, and has lots of good- for-you vitamins and stuff.
Summer has arrived in my part of the world finally. Nice to see all the sun and for all those that like the heat---Enjoy. Maybe the pool will finally heat up enough to swim. Labor Day is the the last day traditionally around here for pools. Open them them on Memorial Day and close them on Labor Day. That's the way it happens here. Just as summer finally arrives its back to school again. Most of the kids go back the end of the month, even the colleges. Seems like a short season this year, but maybe it's just me.
That's about it for today. Just wanted to stop by and leave a few words lying around in cyberspace.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Return

After a long hiatus I've decided to return to blogging. Whether anyone reads this or not isn't the issue for me any longer. I'm doing this for myself. Why? Why not?! I have opinions and ideas. Like what is the deal with a freighter that goes missing with a load of lumber on board. Lumber? You really believe that? I'm not sure that do.

Or am I the only one on the planet that doesn't care who the judges are on AI? Seems like there ought to be more pressing issues to occupy my mind with lately. But what could possibly supplant AI? Typhoons? The price of gas? Healthcare run by the government? Can I "win" NaNoWriMo again this year? What's for dinner?

Speaking of dinner...been looking at recipes that use a bunch of squash. Butternut squash. In August. Why are they called winter squash? The AC is running as I type this. It ain't winter, yet. Anyway I have found a couple that sound interesting so far and will give them a go after a trip to the grocery. Yes, I could do the recipes that look like candied yams but I want something more interesting. Recipes without sugar and cinnamon. Ones with some unusual rice or red cabbage or pickled pigs' feet. You get the picture.

I mentioned that I like to read on my profile. Currently I've got some heavy stuff in progress. One of which I'm in over my head trying to "get". Eco's Kant and the Platypus. I was warned in a review on Amazon about it not being a book for laymen but did not I heed the warning. Of course not. I need a glossary to keep the terms sorted out but otherwise it's doable. Mostly doable anyway. I just keep reading and little by little some of what he's saying makes sense. So to lighten the load there's some short stories by Grass. Recommend Grass. Eco is making it more difficult to decide.

One of my favorite authors lately has been NT Wright. Want to get some of his work on Paul. His scholarship seems more rounded to me than others I've read. Apparently he and Piper have a thing going about justification. Haven't seen anything in what I've read that seemed off base but apparently others have. Guess I'll have to see what that's about after I finish the NT and the People of God. Believe it or not, I have enjoyed reading this and the others in the series. Even some of the footnotes are interesting. Most aren't though since they're mostly to satisfy the requirement to cite the work used. I guess if had written one of them I'd feel differently.

Just as a closing side bit here, went for a drive up north of where I live and kept seeing some historical markers commemorating a particular individual and his march through the area. Hadn't heard of it before, not being a history buff, so I looked it up when I had a chance. I had no idea the Revolutionary War involved removing the Native American threat to the cause. That means this individual and others burned, killed, pillaged and whatever else the villages along the way. And whoever was left from that eventually were resettled elsewhere later on. Probably at the same time as the Trail of Tears episode. Interesting how skewed the information taught in high school was. It was like discovering the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.

So much for today.