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Rainy Days

Rainy day today. Feels like the beginning of autumn. Almost is too. September's peaking over the horizon now. Frost instead of dew in the morning arrives shortly afterward up here. That means the bugs don't wake up as early though; so sitting on the deck with the morning coffee will be more enjoyable. Won't miss the little buggers either. But before all that happens there's generally one last warm up. So the melancholy can wait for a while.
Not much newsworthy conversation again. There's a rumor of a short "vacation" in the mill, but no reservations anywhere. It'll be a flyby of a couple of history type spots and a few days with relatives. That doesn't qualify as vacation in my book, but it's priced right. Having to buy a new car has really cramped the style around here IMHO. Ah, well. A dead vehicle in the driveway is worse yet, assuming you want to go somewhere that is. If you need a place to store stuff or plant petunias, then…

Rotten Tomatoes

The latest from blogworld here. Yawn. Yeah, not much going on where I live. That's a good thing looking at some of the alternatives out there. Getting blown to bits or away topped the headlines today. That and a senator wanting to change the law in his state so they will have some one to vote on healthcare should it come to that. A vote, I mean. Time will tell.
Had to do an intervention of sorts in my garden today. To save the young tomato offspring from their parent plants. The disease or whatever it is has gotten worse and worse threatening any hopes of ripe fruit. So we picked everything that wasn't rotting. They'll taste like store bought now, but maybe a few of them will ripen enough to use. That is a really let down for my taste buds who were eagerly anticipating a real BLT.
Had a whole paragraph written and decided to keep my political opinions to myself for a while longer. A mission trip I took a month or so ago has me wondering about some things I saw…

The Void Is Not Empty Anymore

Why does the title bar give me reason to not post? Title? Who needs one for this sort of thing? Not me. But if I don't give the post a name, the posting mechanism grabs the first few words and uses them I've discovered. So OK, I'll think up something for that void that must be filled.
Still toying with making this a themed place versus just ramblings. There's a part of me that has to be ordered wants a theme. The rest of me asks why, shrugs and walks off. Same idea as the title bar I suppose. Is the universe ordered or is it chaos? is chaos a kind of order? Can it be predicted or does it just sort of happen? If it's predictable then is it still chaos? Help! That argument is for for all those super scholars to decide. Just thought I'd throw that out for grins.

On a more mundane level, why do my tomato plants and their fruit have some plant disease yet again this year? They get it if it's hot and dry. They get it if it's cool and wet. I&#…
Remember how I was looking for something new to do with a butternut squash? Well, tried a recipe and discovered it was good. Really good. Found it on the web. No, I didn't think to save the link. But, trust me, those squash don't have to have sugar and cinnamon to taste yummy. This recipe basically boiled it, added a few other ingredients, and then pureed it. Pretty color and then it was served with red cabbage that had just a dash of soy sauce. That, too, was a very pleasant surprise. So to whoever posted that recipe many thanks. Now I've found to courage to try a few of the other ideas I've seen.
Looked up the nutritional info on it and that's even more good news. Eat, and eat some more, if you like because it's nearly free calorie wise, and has lots of good- for-you vitamins and stuff.
Summer has arrived in my part of the world finally. Nice to see all the sun and for all those that like the heat---Enjoy. Maybe the pool will finally heat up enoug…

The Return

After a long hiatus I've decided to return to blogging. Whether anyone reads this or not isn't the issue for me any longer. I'm doing this for myself. Why? Why not?! I have opinions and ideas. Like what is the deal with a freighter that goes missing with a load of lumber on board. Lumber? You really believe that? I'm not sure that do.

Or am I the only one on the planet that doesn't care who the judges are on AI? Seems like there ought to be more pressing issues to occupy my mind with lately. But what could possibly supplant AI? Typhoons? The price of gas? Healthcare run by the government? Can I "win" NaNoWriMo again this year? What's for dinner?

Speaking of dinner...been looking at recipes that use a bunch of squash. Butternut squash. In August. Why are they called winter squash? The AC is running as I type this. It ain't winter, yet. Anyway I have found a couple that sound interesting so far and will give them a go after a tri…