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Japan, Libya, and Who Knows What Else?

Boy!  Things are happening.  The world can change quickly some times.  Other times it seems to drag on and on.  The quickly part is Japan, of course.  First a major earthquake.  That was bad enough but the tsumani afterward was worse yet.  The numbers of displaced persons is staggering.  Last I heard it was well over 400,000.  The town I live in isn't anywhere as large.  The devastation was shocking.  The media reports here whined about a few boats getting bashed around in a marina.  What is the matter with them?!!  Thousands of people died in a moment and they act as if a boat matters more. 

The rebuilding cannot start for a large area until the nuclear plants are safe again and an alternate source of power has been established.  That has got to a major ordeal.  Hopefully, they will relocate some of the nuclear generation to another area when they begin to recover.  Have to wonder what sort of long term planning that entails.

Could you imagine that happening here?  I'm not sur…

Review: Deeper into the Word, Keri Wyatt Kent

Review: Deeper into the Word: Reflections on 100 Words from the New Testament.
Keri Wyatt Kent
Bethany House

Deeper into the Word is a compilation of word studies, but is definitely not a lifeless dictionary. In fact, once I picked it up I found myself grazing through several entries at a time. So don’t ignore this little gem. It could be used for private study or as an aid in lesson preparation for those that teach. She includes endnotes for her references. Most of works she cites are not beyond the most modest budget, and several of them can be accessed online. A list of some of those sites is included near the end of the book.

For those that lean toward the more studious side she also includes the Greek derivation for the words studied. That helps us English only types see some additional shades of meanings that just aren’t as obvious in English or highlights the differences more vividly. Her entry for “friend” is an example of the latter.

Don’t skip the introductio…