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Review: In Constant Prayer, Robert Benson

In Constant Prayer
Robert Benson
Thomas Nelson

In Constant Prayer is one of a series, The Ancient Practices Series, released lately in paperback by Thomas Nelson and I am glad. I had not seen the original hardcover versions of any of this series before. This particular one addresses the daily office, a practice familiar to many and unknown by others. I fell into the latter group, so what the author had to say was all new for me. For those of you who are familiar with the office this book will offer a most gentle encouragement to continue in your practice. For the rest of us the author walks us through his journey with the daily office including a short history of the practice.
Robert Benson explains the daily office to those that are unfamiliar with it through stories from his experiences with it. Early in the book I did not appreciate his way of doing things. I kept waiting for the magic bullet that would catapult me into some saintly realm with the pray-ers of old. …

Review: The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers)

Review: The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) Mark Mittelberg Tyndale Hose Publishers 2010
What a title!  But, they are some of the questions Christians tend to duck when they come up in conversation--- even among friends.   Apologetics put forward in a user friendly way is my description of what Mark Mittelberg has done for us with his book.  It’s an easy read and covers the topics presented well in my opinion.  What I liked especially were the summary statements at the end of each chapter.    A quick overview of the high points helps if time is an issue.   The “Tips for Talking  About This Issue” section was probably more important than the discussion itself for me.  Remembering humility, gentleness, love, honesty and respect goes out the window sometimes when the discussion becomes more of an argument.  One piece of advice that I found to be most heartfelt was taking the time to discern when a “why” is a cry for help and not an answer.   Such good counsel! The aut…

Rest, School, Politics and Pundits

Wow!  Another month come and gone. And now November is well under way.  Let he time slide passed me for sure. So what is new around here?  The biggest news is the seminary course I'm doing online.  Takes way more time than I ever anticipated, but that's OK since I've got more than money, as they say.  It is interesting and challenging as well.  I didn't know what to expect really.  To be honest I didn't think it would be at a true master's level educationally.  It is.  That is good.  There's so much out there that claims to be what this is and isn't.  I've tried several of them.  So that's the top of the news.

Next been on the road for almost three weeks and finally am settling in for the winter.  Did a conference in Virginia that was very well done.  That is saying a lot because I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing.  In fact I avoid them if possible, but I'm glad I attended this one.  Then the next trip was a week of "vacation&q…

Review:Homosexuality and the Christian

Homosexuality and the ChristianMark A. Yarhouse, PsyDBethany House Publishers2010Finally, a reasonable look at this topic!  Long over due though, but finally here.  I guess that pretty well sums up how I feel about this book. It helps people like me who have not been able balance the admonitions against homosexual behavior in the Bible and the positions espoused from the different corners in this battle, particularly the churches responses.  Dr. Yarhouse begins his discussion with God and what He has to say about homosexuality. In doing that he sets the tone for the rest of the book.  God says this, so how do the people of God respond?  Part of his argument is that the church leaves no place for the person who struggles with same sex attractions thereby forfeiting the individual to the opposing views.  This is a major point that he touches on several times, but does not slam the pulpit in stating his views. Recent research on the causes of homosexual behavior is examined.  While many …

Review: The Gospel According to Jesus

The Gospel According to JesusChris Seay Thomas Nelson 2010Surprised, pleasantly, and challenged.  That’s how I’d describe my review of this book.  I’d read others from his circle of friends and been disappointed, to be honest.  I expected more of the same from Chris Seay.  I was wrong.  There is more focus on the things of God and more depth here than I’d seen elsewhere.  The author defines righteousness, the gospel, justification and even takes on the imago dei.  He’s not putting out some fluff here.  Surprised?  The emerging/emergent elements are coming of age.  And in the process rediscovering some truth that the mainline had sidelined.  My hope is that this continues to affect their lives.  It’s like watching the fervor of the boomers in the 60’s again.  Let’s see if the new generation can pull it off and not be defined as an “unrealized” (Tom Brokaw) generation.Chris Seay opens his book with a quote from Gandhi who says basically that he likes Jesus but wonders about His follower…

Summer, Simmer, School

Yikes!  This month is nearer gone and I'm just now realizing that.  Seems like that is a recurring theme lately. 

Speaking of recurring themes---DADT just got put on the back burner in the Senate.  Not surprised.  I think it was expected and just in time for it to be an issue for the midterms.  That had to a coincident, of course.  So now, I guess they back up and try it again.  Except a bunch of them need to go campaign, so is there any time?  Did the GaGa rally help or hinder or just offer a side show? The Senators from that state certainly weren't moved by it.  Oh well, like so many things lately it'll just have to wait.  Wait for the Congress, but I wonder what the Executive Branch can do?

Summer is almost officially over.  Just a couple of more days now.  Where I live the pools are closed, the private ones, too, and the AC's have been pulled out of the windows.  Very few people here have central units.  Except for allergies and extended warm spells really don'…

Review: the Mocking Bird Parables

the Mocking Bird ParablesTransforming Lives through the Power of Story Matt LittonTyndale House Publishers, Inc.2010The Mocking Bird Parables lives up to the endorsements on its back cover as few books have.  It is insightful and enchanting.  As the title hints, it is based on Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird,  which just celebrated its fortieth anniversary.  So Litton’s book is timely and a good follow up to the novel.  Reading groups could easily use it for a great discussion guide.  It does have a short set of reflection questions at the end for that purpose.Each of its ten chapters reflects on either a major character or scene from the novel.  The reader finds relevant issues like building relationships, role of women, ecology, finances, parenting and several other topics presented by the author.  His discussions are personable and pointed.  Gently most of the time, happily.  I liked his discussions of how his own perceptions have changed over time.  That’s a good reminder that …

Review: OutLive Your Life

OutLive Your LifeMax LucadoThomas Nelson 2010Max Lucado has produced another of his gentle reads that pack a punch.  This one challenges the reader on numerous levels while tracking through parts of the book of Acts.  So for those of you who yearn for the first century church, your time has arrived.  Beware though, for what you wish.  The first century church did not sit quietly in a pew once a week.  Lucado skillfully shows how 21st century life fits into first century church.This author is probably the best at finding anecdotes to illustrate his points that I have read.  Like many of his other books this strikes a balance between the illustrations and the text.  Each chapter draws you in and then challenges.  If you don’t like challenges this may not the right book for you or your small group.  At the end of the book is a set of discussion questions geared to each chapter for those readers that what to think more about the topic.  In addition, this book offers some activity suggesti…

Carina Nebula and Hope

Thought I’d try out a new program.  It’s the direct result of my trying to lobotomize my computer yesterday.  No details here, much too embarrassing.  The picture depicts where I sent it to though.  And the state it was in when it arrived.  Pretty amazing that I can type this today actually.  Recovery discs are very, very good things.  If you don’t have one…  Nah, not going to go there.  The picture is the Carina Nebula from the NASA site.
It’s a shame we can’t fund them as well as we probably should or that some people think the whole idea is a giant waste.  For me, seeing this sort of picture reminds me that big events are a matter of perspective.  Not to diminish either the triumph or defeat, the joy or sorrow we know on this planet, but that there is more out there.  We need that sort of hope.  Or I do.  Romanticized?  Absolutely and why not?
Hope.  A noun or a verb?  Both or neither.  Whatever it is I know when it’s around and when it isn’t.  I’m just now getting to a place where …

Hot Weather, White Man's Burden, and Hurricanes

Oh my!  I'd better hurry if I want to get another post up for August.  Even though it's one of the long months on my calendar, it has slipped by rather quickly.  Don't know what I've been doing that was so much fun but it kept me occupied.  

Summer has returned for a last gasp.  I hope so anyway.  Warm is good; hot is not.  And it's hot here when the temperature (Do thermometers have mercury any more?) gets up around ninety.  

Speaking of weather, the weathermen are so excited that they have a real hurricane to predict doom from now.  Only thing better for them I suppose would be for it to end up in the Gulf of Mexico.  Yeah, I think the news cyclers or recyclers love doom.  If there isn't any, dredge up an old story and respin it.  These are the same guys that point at certain political persons and accuse them of fear mongering.  Kind of odd, don't you think?  I guess that only applies to the other guy.  

School has started here now.  The seniors are all tuck…

Review: 1,2, & 3 John, Life Application Bible Study

1, 2 & 3 John
Life Application Bible Studies
Linda Chaffee Taylor et al
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

This book is one of a series of studies available from Tyndale House Publishers that includes the full text of the book to be studied from the New Living Translation of the Life Application Bible. When I received this study guide the first thing I noticed was the very attractive presentation. You will want to pick it up and thumb through it. Inside, the pages have enough room to record your responses without having to resort to abbreviations or microprint. I like that. It also means the responses are likely to require more than one word.
The first few pages contain an explanation of how the translators worked through the some common language issues to arrive at the NLB translation. Interesting reading but not necessary for the study itself. The text of John 1, 2 & 3 and notes from the Life Application Bible follow. I think it is reprinted directly from the NLT…

Marriage, Prop 8, and Other Stuff

Need to put up a post.  Need to!  Just gotta do it!  Why?  Don't know. Just want to express myself I guess.  Why does anyone do this?  

Celebrated another wedding anniversary last week.  A whole bunch of years.  Had no idea when I got married I'd see this many years go by.  The young can't think in those terms.  Not sure the old can either.  I'll let you know when I get there.  Took the day and visited a Renoir exhibit and ate a cheesesteak sans the cheese.  Enjoyed it.  Even decided to renew the contract for another year.  That's the way we've done since the beginning so why not continue the tradition?  Was it easy staying married?  Most of the time.  Yeah, there were times that one more day seemed impossible, but I guess it was possible since I'm still here.  Maybe that's how it works.  

Speaking of marriage---Prop 8 in California is history now.  Unless the Supreme Court does something unexpected.  The idea was lame to begin with and the court proceedi…

Review: What in the World Is Going On?

What in the World is Going On?
10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore
Dr. David Jeremiah
Thomas Nelson

Originally produced as a series of sermons, Dr. Jeremiah compiles them into this book which has now been released or re-released in paperback. Many followers of interpreting the signs of the times will find explanations of how Dr. Jeremiah sees currents events insightful. Although the events mentioned in this book are now several years old some of the repercussions persist into the present. He presents his case clearly and with endnotes to credit his sources.
The book ends with an alliterative list of activities the believer needs to be about while they are waiting for the prophecies to fulfill. Those few pages are probably the best in the book, I think. I found much of the rest speculative and of little value. The old discussions about who Gog and Magog might be have been around for quite a while. The discussion of Islam could lead to less than charitable acts…

Review: The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer
Insight and Inspiration to Draw You Closer to Him
Dr. R.T. Kendall
Chosen Books

When I received this book the number of pages devoted to the foreword and special recommendations irked me to be honest; however, now that I have read the book they were all well deserved. Dr. Kendall presents a Rock solid exposition of the Lord’s Prayer. Several other authors have done the same and I’ve read a few of them. This one is far and away is the best that I’ve read.

What makes this one the best in my opinion is the author’s depth of understanding and application. He writes from experience, study and time spent meditating on this prayer. His comments and explanations, in many cases, are drawn directly from Scripture, and appropriate to the discussion. He has written from the heart and it shows through on every page. There’s no hint of academic showmanship here. He wants his reader to be impressed with the Lord and the His prayer not the author’s handling of the text.…

Meandering Through the Fields

Decidedstop reading and do a little posting just so this is used for more than reviews.  That wasn't my initial reason to start blogging anyway.  Still isn't.  So why did I start this?

Initially a long time ago I wanted to write, like books and stuff.  Still do, but have discovered it's a wee bit more complicated especially if you want to be published.  I took a short course that required a blog so I signed up.  Later I abandoned it.  Disillusioned.  Alas.  Then for whatever reason I decided to reactivate it and returned to the blogosphere.  This time with no intent except to just do it.  Much better for me that way.

Have I given up on writing?  Not entirely, but have gotten more real about it.  I would like to give it another try in the publishing arena but have no illusions about my chances of being noticed.  That's OK.  Not ready for prime time anyway.  And the actual writing is the easy part for me.  The idea of book tours and conferences deter me more than a deadlin…

Review: Beyond Opinion

Beyond Opinion
Living the Faith We Defend
Ravi Zacharias, Author and General Editor
Thomas Nelson

Apologetics. Sounds imposing and I nearly missed this one because of that. Don’t make the same mistake. This book has been out in hardbound for a while, but just released in soft cover and I think that may help get it into more hands. It’s a compilation of articles that cover a wide range of topics including the “why bother with apologetics” lead piece. Further into the work the reader finds discussions related to atheism, Islam, Eastern religions and even science, all thoughtfully written and a great place to get an idea of the challenges to Christianity that are out there. As a general review or just a first look, this book offers a lot to the reader in its 350 or so pages.

But, wait there’s more. (Sorry, had to throw that out there.) Seriously though, I found the second section of the book, especially Cross Cultural Challenges by I’Ching Thomas, much more helpful in my c…

Review: Unburdened

Unburdened: the secret of letting God carry the things that weigh you down
Chris Tiegreen
SaltRiver, an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers

Chris Tiegreen has written a wonderful book. I hadn’t read any of his work before and this one proved to be a great way to get acquainted. His style is so personable and unpretentious in Unburdened that the reader may forget he isn’t sitting across the table engaging the author in quiet conversation. Early on Tiegreen states he’s no expert, however, someone who has been somewhere and comes back to tell me about it comes closer to the person I want to talk with than some of the experts I’ve read. That’s the strongest point for me in this book. He’s lived what he’s writing about and knows how to be unburdened.
The main point Tiegreen makes is so simple it’s hard to accept. I kept expecting something more. You know---the list of hoop jumps I need to add so my life would become less burdened. I mean, after all my burdens surely must re…

July, Summer and Tigger

July and summer!  All kinds of fond memories.  Hot, hot weather.  Cold Kool-Aid, yeah the kind with all the sugar.  Ridingall day and going no where in particular.Watching my grandfather sitting under that little tiny maple in the side yard listening to Red's baseball and sipping a beer.  He'd let me taste it once in a while.  On a hot day it is really good. 

Some of the not so fond memories had to do with sunburns.No such thing as SPF anything back then.  You were supposed to have enough common sense to come in before you burned.  Or at least get in the shade.  But every once in a while I didn't judge the tingle you get from a mild burn and blister myself.  That was July when I was a kid.  

July now?  Well, still like the warmth of the sun on my shoulders when I'm outside.  Don't spend as much time out as before.  Just don't and not because of concern about overexposure.  Speaking of lack of sun, I heard or read something the other day that now kids aren't g…

Lazy Summer Days Happening Now

Almost July.  Better get another post in for the fun of it.  Just had some real summer weather here and glad for the AC.  Oh yes.  I enhanced my carbon footprint significantly.  But I could also breathe.  Gotten accustomed to that habit.  Supposed to be cooler outside but it hasn't happened yet.  Try it later on.

So what have I done of any import lately.  Nothing.  Just lazing around.  Haven't written a review lately even.  I do have one sort of done but don't like it.  If I don't like it I suspect the author wouldn't either.  They can take criticism pretty well but what I've got now doesn't do that or praise him for his efforts.  Give it another try later.  

The problem I'm having is that I'm too close to the material this time.  Not sure why and that's probably what the writer was hoping for but I can't back off enough to be objective or at least not as subjective.  Give it some more time to ferment and see what happens. 

The oilspill is begi…

BP, Ranting, and Checking Out

Might have a new look. Check it out after I'm done here. If it worked it was really easy to do. Like easy. Most of us do, I guess.

Tired of all the BP bashing, ranting, dodging yet? I am quite sure I am. What is all that posturing about. Will it fix anything? Bring back those that were killed on the rig? Restore the Gulf to its pre-spill condition? Nope. The question is whether the folks in power and those in the know will do anything that really matters to fix both the spill and whatever caused it to happen in the first place. And will any of them look for better methods to clean up when it happens again.

Yeah, it'll happen again. No sets of rules or pieces of equipment are fail proof. And accidents will still occur. And since no one seems ready to give up oil and petroleum products, like plastics, we really need to get serious about this. I think so anyway. And now.

Remember everyone laughing at a movie line that said something like, "Greed is good." …

Testing New Stuff

Test flying my new computer. So far so good. The old one decided to have a melt down almost literally. Don't know about that sort of thing or why they decide to do that, just that they do. RIP the old and move on with the new. And move is what the mouse does now until I get used to the pad being a little left of where the other one was. Sort of a game---find the mouse.

Must talk about the weather. It is positively the best right now. Sun, breeze, cool. Just the opposite of a few days ago. Feel like a different person when the weather is good. Got to find a way to keep that going. oh, yeah.

Decided to try Twitter. Not sure about it yet. Bunches of odd little quips that don't seem to relate to anything around them. Just odd blurps. Sort of IM to the universe. Then some big brother program somewhere sorts them for references relating to a particular word. No one seems to care about that, I guess. Makes you wonder if other communications are as easily monitored. H…

Review: Jesus Manifesto

Jesus Manifesto
Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ
Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
Thomas Nelson 2010

A manifesto? Yikes! Some of us may remember a few other manifestos from the past and the idea of another one doesn’t sound very friendly at all. So right from the start I’ve got a problem. But, the title did get my attention, so the authors and publishers succeeded in their effort. Then the vast array of praise within in the first few pages makes me wonder why bother with a review. I discovered that there is a website connected to the book as well that may shock or offend some who dare to visit it. Check it out for yourself sometime. Now all the pieces are in place for a really scathing review, as some might say.

That’s not to be the case though. Not scathing, at least. The basic idea of returning to Jesus in His fullness is a great idea. Sweet and Viola make the point that somewhere the church has become sidetracked is right on target. “Youniverse” is one te…

Books, Bucks, and Giraffes

Just put up another review. The last couple of books have been amazing I think. Edifying, challenging, disturbing. All at once it seems. I would really like to be able to discuss the last two with someone else, but right now I know of no one that would be interested. Alas.

Meant to write something here before the last review but that didn't happen. So after will do. Do you suppose that oil leak in the Gulf is quasi-controlled now? Not seeing much from the media on the net about it. In fact one of the sites I saw had already moved on to conjecture about whether California is due for the "big one" soon. Sort of like, what became of Haiti in the news? Guess there's no news merit after a couple of weeks.

Just remembered, tomorrow is primary day here. The weather is supposed to be rainy too. Don't know who that favors. Be interesting to see how the incumbents from either party do. I'm saving my final wrath for November. Can't vote in the other p…

Review: A Hole in Our Gospel

The Hole in Our Gospel
Richard Stearns
Thomas Nelson

Disturbing is the best word I know of for this book. There are already hundreds of reviews for this book in its hardbound version and now the soft cover release invites more. The paperback added color photos and a study guide to the text. So for my money that is a plus.

Why did I decide to call the book disturbing? I could have called it challenging just as easily but challenging is easier to dismiss. Disturbing gets into your soul and is much harder to root out. If that’s what you want to do after you read this book. Mr. Stearns tells his story to the reader while motivating that person to consider what action the reader could take to join in the world wide efforts of World Vision or another similar organization.

For those that believe there’s more to Christianity than staring at the back of someone’s head for an hour on Sunday morning this is a great place to start a quest for whatever that something more might be. Only t…

Review: Anatomy of the Soul

Anatomy of the Soul
Curt Thompson. M.D.
Salt River, an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

This is the most helpful,insightful book I’ve read in a long time. There’s advice, guidance, explanations and examples to illustrate discussion offered by the author. Best of all, for me anyway, it explains some of what I had suspected about how things work all along. Dr. Thompson links human anatomy and physiology to the spiritual part of our being throughout the text. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. And God uses His creation of the physical body in amazing ways. The author does a great job showing God’s wisdom found in research and the discoveries that science has made recently in neuroscience. Whether science wants to or not, it is describing the wonders of creation.

Read this book. The text will require thought, evaluation, and time to go through. The author’s writing style is quite readable and he covers the material well. While this isn’t a how to or self help book, t…

Buntings and Books

Time to blog says the calendar. So OK let's blog. What about? Oil spills? Court nominees? Euro problems? Weather?

The last one is the easiest to go with it looks like. Cold and windy again. What is this about? Not more than a week ago it looked like summer. Even needed fans to cool the place. Well, the fans are off now. Nature has provided some pre-cooled forced air for a few days now, complete with humidity adjustments ie rain. Keeps the ground cold and the urge to garden at bay. Protection for those of us who aren't in the best physical condition.

The weather has the birds on the feeder more often and that included a new one in the area. We've decided to call it an indigo bunting. Matches the picture in the book so that's got to be who he is. Pretty little guy, all decked out in his breeding plumage. Haven't seen those colors since the last peacock came around. Just read that cowbirds like to use them to raise their chicks. Yet another reason …

Review: Plan B

Plan B
Pete Wilson
Thomas Nelson

Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would? is the full title of this work and gives you a big hint at the way the author approaches the topic. We do have certain expectations of God that He doesn’t meet either on time or in our preferred manner.

This work is an easy read and it eventually gets into the heart of the issue. The first couple of chapters lay a foundation that Pete Wilson will continue to build on, so persevere through them. Yes, I am saying the first chapters were enough to put off many readers. And yes, I am saying that if you stay with it the work does improve and enough for me to say that there is merit to what he says.

Another author started his book with where this one ends up, and in many ways Plan B might reach where the other didn’t by walking the reader to the point when the “It’s all about God, not you.” moment arrives it’s received more easily.

This author’s candid admission that he did …

Groundhogs, Bankers, and Tea

Wow! It's almost May already. Don't know where the time has gone. Rested up now after vacation. Isn't that how it goes? Guess some icky weather forced that issue for me. Rain and cooler than I like. It's the magnolia's fault, you know. Whenever they bloom it's a signal for the weather to change and try to freeze the blossoms. Or so it seems. They are nearly done so maybe, it's time to think garden seriously.

We limed the soil several weeks ago. The weeds didn't seem to mind at all. They are looking very happy right now. Need to turn them under and do all that ground prep like tilling, raking, moving a few of the rocks that have surfaced now. The ground here grows them, according to the locals. I believe them and also believe that if the rocks were removed there'd be no dirt at all. But that's probably not entirely true. Just mostly so.

The groundhog family has moved to a quieter neighborhood now. We mowed this past weekend and al…

Review: Rechurch

Stephen Mansfield
BarnaBooks, an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers

If you have been burned or otherwise suffered a church hurt and if you like the pain and suffering you’ve been experiencing don’t bother with this particular book.

If on the other hand you want to be whole again and able to rejoin the people of God without looking over your shoulder all the time this book can help you immensely. The author is firm in his approach. Sometimes he comes across a bit more strongly than most of us are used to hearing. Keep going, though. He uses examples from his own experience, which could not have been easy for him, and people from history, some of whom surprised me. Even the “super saints” dealt with the church hurt issues.

Throughout the book the author provides various exercises to work through that pave the way to the following steps and eventually to healing and finally wholeness. I especially appreciated some of the discussion related to forgiveness. I thought h…

Review: The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey
Charles Foster
Thomas Nelson

Here is a thought provoking, well written book. I couldn't say that at first. The author’s style is bold, and in some ways quite blunt. No sugar coating some of the difficulties of travel here! I soon discovered however, that I did yearn for a sacred journey of my own just a few more pages into his book.

Foster shows the similarities between cultures in our basic search for God, a name he’d very much like changed in the English language. Shocked, but I had to agree with him that it isn’t exactly a very pleasant sounding word. Okay, just one of his asides that can get your dander up if you let it. Another of his opinions has to do with the urbanization of society and the ills that it breeds. Again, after some thought, he is right about that as well. But, when he starts on the farmers and ranchers I couldn’t go there with him. Maybe he hasn’t met enough of them yet.

So what has all that to do with the sacred journey? B…

Eagles, Canoes, and Other Stuff

Back after a short vacation. Rustic cabin as it is described with detached bath house. You know, like a detached garage is supposed to sell you on a house listing. Nice time really. Quiet, scent of pine whenever the breeze meandered through the area. Went to a place named Promised Land State Park in eastern PA. Cabins were built by CCC workers in the 1930's. That government program made sense. Young men joined, got paid for the work and if they needed to learn the 3R's they got that as well. Most of the paycheck was sent home, but they got enough to have some fun in town. Can't see today's young people doing that at all though. I guess back then times were tougher and so was the resolve of the people. Anyway, the cabin was solid and we learned that even the furniture was made back then as well. Simple but served the purpose.

Walking is a major activity at the park. We walked. Found a pretty spot with a nice little water fall. So relaxing. Better than t…


Time to pay a visit to blogland again. It's been calling to me for several days and I finally decided to listen. Got through the latest holiday relatively unscathed. Didn't even see a chocolate egg or one of those little peep things. I have tried to like them but they make much better decorations than candy whether they're yellow, pink, white or some other pastelish shade. I guess someone out there does like them since they are still available.

March Madness which carries over into April is over as well. And we promise not to nuke you unless you meet a stringent criteria. We'll see how that plays out on down the road. What has that got to do with basketball? Nothing except it's another winner take all idea, I guess. Can't wait to hear the talking heads later on. The conservative news site I check every now and then has it's spin on the armageddon side already. The bad guys will get us. And they might, but what will they have? It'll take a …

Review: The Red Letters Project

The Red Letters Project
Book of Matthew
Tyndale House Publishers

The Red Letters Project Book of Matthew provides a unique, musical approach the Gospel of Matthew. Original music paired with the red letters straight from the New Living Translation Bible combine to form a fresh, new way of hearing the Gospel presented. I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect before I started listening, but after the first few tracks I was able to put aside some pretty traditional ideas I thought I’d left long ago and enjoy the presentation. The younger listeners should find this even more exciting. The sound quality was as good as any I’ve heard. So crank it up, if you like your music that way, that is.

Did a little homework and discovered that the producer of this project, Russ Regan, has an impressive resume. Tyndale has not skimped on this recording and Mr. Regan’s expertise shows in the quality of the product. I hope that it is well received by the public. I also hope it will be made avai…

More Spring Time Stuff

Been enjoying spring lately and haven't bothered to stop by here. Not when there's sun to be had. Long winter and I'm making up for lost time in the sun. Rain on the horizon now so I'll come inside for this. Did I mention the crocus outdid themselves this year? Or that the daffodils are up now? Or that the birch (?) have started to bloom?

Need some rain to water in the lime we put on the garden. Played science project and tested the soil several different ways and discovered that it needs nearly everything. Not surprised. More than amazed that we got any produce at all from it in the past after seeing those test results.

Already planning this years garden even thought it's still a couple of months until it can be planted safely. Yes, the plan calls for corn and beans and peas. The broccoli did pretty well last year so maybe try that again. Bought some lettuce seed just to see if that's doable here. Some folks have pretty good luck with it so why n…

Review: Winston Churchill by John Perry

Winston Churchill by John Perry
Thomas Nelson, Inc. 2010

What a delightful surprise this little book turned out to be! I picked it from among several other titles in the Christian Encounter Series. Wonder if the others in the series as well written?

As the title suggests this is a biography of Winston Churchill. When I received this book from Nelson in exchange for this review I mistook it for a grade school publication. Even if it is intended for a fifth or sixth grade reader, the adult reader will enjoy it too. It is brief but covers Churchill’s life thoroughly, and as they say, not exhaustively which means it doesn’t get boring at all. There is a bibliography included if a reader wants to learn more and endnote citations as well.

What I discovered about Winston Churchill’s life was his ability to persevere and prosper in some very trying situations. For instance, his childhood, while apparently the norm at the time, was difficult at best. Boarding schools, headmasters th…

Almost Here!!

Had to stop by for a quick entry. The sun is out and it's warm enough to sit out. At last! The crocus are blooming and more wonderful flowers I haven't seen in a long time. Yes, spring is almost here. Even hung a few pieces of wash on the line to dry. Live is good. Today, anyway. Take what I can get.

Why am I here and not outside right now? Trying not to over do the sun. Burned myself the last time it came by where I live. Don't want to repeat that too often. But this will be short. Like really short "cuz I'm headed back out there now.

More to follow at some later time.

Tough Stuff with the Fluff

Didn't realize it'd been so long since the last post. New month, even a bit of sun now and then. Soaked up a few rays this morning, but finally had to come in when the breeze across the ice pack, formerly known as snow, began to get too cool. Sure felt good for a while. Beginning to feel the winter blahs lifting lately. Sure hope it continues.

Just realized that April 1 is just around the corner. Yeah, and...? I signed up for Script Frenzy and it starts then. Of course, I have no clue what I'm doing. Not only for an idea but how to do it. Looked at a few sites on the web and the basic thrust is the same as a novel. Except, no rambling descriptions. The scene has to happen through dialogue and whatever is on the stage. OK. Relax, we can do this. It's just different. And the formatting is new. That will be the toughest thing to get used to. Yes, there are programs out there that do that and I have downloaded a couple to try them. Not working like the I&#…

Snooze and Lose

It's late and I should be snoozing right now, but I'm not. Think I'm sitting up waiting for the snow to start or something equally as important. Weird. Do this every so often.

So what is there to talk about. Toyota? Nah. Too much ink and air on that one already. The Summit? Possibilities there but it hasn't happened yet. Sort of a non story at this point in time except that it's still supposed to happen. No one has back out yet. I'm with the pundits in thinking it's a show. One that isn't going to flatter anyone by the time it's over.

One good thing coming from this gridlock in Washington is that the electorate is more attentive to the proceedings. Or it seems so to me. That is a change in attitude. The question is will that translate to anything in November. Or, will all this have blown over by then? It's been my observation that the public generally forgets within about sixty days or less. Some other shiny object grabs our at…