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Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies John Boyne

Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies John Boyne Hogarth 2017
All the fabulous reviews already out there combined with the endorsements on the back cover had my hopes set really high for this book.I picked it up and began reading.Only problem it wasn’t long before I realized this book was not for me.The characters didn’t interest me, and in fact I found them boring.A clueless kid in an odd adoptive home meets a precocious seven-year-old kid and they compare their anatomical attributes.OK, kids do that.I’ll read on and sure enough as time goes on the book became more saturated with other exploits of equal interest.Still I give it one more try and now everyone, everywhere converses only and ever in terms of sexual practices.I’m done with the book at that point.One last look and I read the last few pages.A shame the rest of the book wasn’t written as well as those few pages.I could see a famous British actress playing the part of the mother.
I was hoping for more than this book delivered.I sup…

Review: Picturing Heaven: 40 Hope-filled Devotions with Coloring Pages by Randy Alcorn, Illustrated by Lizzie Preston