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Bits and Pieces

Latest in The Return land available here and now. Excited? Oh well. Worth a try I suppose. Looks like Haiti is beginning to shape up a little bit from the news. Long way to go. Looks like some folks plan to rebuild the whole place. This could be a good thing? Depends on what happens next, I suppose. They still don't have a governing body that governs. What little they had believed in a form of trickle down idea. They get theirs and anything left over might go to the next layer of society. Since it appears most folks live at the bottom that works not so well for them. We'll see how this works assuming the press goes back in a year or so.

Anyone got a handle on what the Supreme Court actually did in the decision that hit the news yesterday? Lots of frantic hype out there, but a nice balanced report might be nice. Did they just open the door for some take over? (As if it weren't already a done deal, but we'll pretend the people still have some input for the…

Disasters of All Sorts Mash-Up

As you may have noticed I put up a review yesterday. My first ever. It's a little harder than it looks like it ought to be. For me anyway. Trying to say something negative but nicely isn't my style. Generally just put it out there and let the chips fall. Guess I could continue that way, but as I mentioned elsewhere the authors get feedback and I don't want to need a lawyer or something in case someone gets offended. Besides after doing a couple of the NaNoWriMo sprints I have a little more compassion for an author. A little more. On the other hand, if I can churn out something coherent then authors with all the agents and editors ought to be able to do that much more. Right? I think so.

So now what's next? Do it again, I guess. Requested another book and figure it'll get here in a couple of weeks. Book rate to the sticks is so so so slow. That's OK. I'll find something to occupy myself in the meantime.

Like trying to learn Greek, biblical Gree…

Post 'n Review

How to Reach your Full Potential for God
Charles F. Stanley
Thomas Nelson

Pastor Charles Stanley explores a three fold approach to reaching your, and his, full potential for God. Heart, body, and interestingly, schedule. I expected some other third choice but discovered that it worked well for this book. Within each category different essentials, as the author labeled them, emerged and were examined more closely.

Dr. Stanley's discussions and suggestions in this book are based on Scripture and applied appropriately in my opinion. I particularly liked the repeated emphasis on the importance of individual uniqueness.

His style is readable and accessible to most Christians, but he covers so much in each chapter that the reader can feel overwhelmed occasionally. So, expect to reread and rethink some portions of this book. I noticed that there is a study guide available for purchase. If you want to get the most from this book that might be the best way to proceed.

A major issue …

First of the New Year Rambles

Happy New Year! even though it's a week old now. How'd I celebrate? Yawned and crawled into my nice warm bed. Boring. Sure, but no hangover or longish-party-with-folks-attempting-to-act-like-it's-the-best-time-they've-ever-had fond memories. So far the only difference aside from a 10 instead of the 09 isn't terribly distinguishable. To me any way. News is the same, weather is too. Here anyway. The south may say otherwise right now.

I have read one whole book so far and restarted a study I'd laid aside. The book was one I kept hearing about on a TV program I normally watch. So I thought I'd read it for myself. The author might do well in the fiction market with this one. Reads like it, but is supposed to be a nonfiction work. So, do I mean it's not true. No. Although, he does say he's interpreting his research in one of the end notes related to Jonathan Edwards, and earlier he mentions that a previous article wasn't contested. I…