Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing

Now that was a pretty wild ride---I mean read. It’s written in the style of several of the business books I’ve seen lately. Fast paced, high energy, and packed with all sorts of stuff. I liked it. If you are looking for some overall theme it is probably something along the lines of a wakeup call in your life, or at least five distinct areas of it.

Cooke is a media guy and understands how to connect. In fact in one of his microbursts he states that he starts with knowing who he’s talking to before he starts his communication. Now that sounds pretty sensible, but it doesn’t happen in some circles as often as it could. He’s got all the right words and hooks you right from the start. That isn’t to say that he does not deliver substance. He definitely does, repeatedly in this book. My advice is to give it a decent first read and go back to some of the areas that need attention now. Oh, I think he mentioned that too.

Each Jolt! is neatly packaged and nearly independent of the others around it. Nearly, but the one that follows generally leads you into the next step. Even though this is a high energy read, taking the time to examine the parts that most pertain to you is necessary if you intend to excel. Stop and really consider what he has written.

Like I said I liked this book. Finding a negative is not easy. Maybe the title? There are other items with that name out there in the market place, most of which have lots of caffeine. Or was that the idea?

I’d like to read a little more from this author. I think you will too.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for my review on Booksneeze.

Review: Love Written in Stone: Finding God’s Grace in the Boundaries He Sets Philip Carson, MD

Dr. Philip Carson MD has written a book that most of us need to read now, and review regularly. He reminds us in several ways that the grace of God found in His expectations upon us is not restrictive but provides the freedom we desire and the healing in body and spirit that is lacking for many of us today. Divided into four different sections he addresses relationships not only with others, but with God as well. Topics like forgiveness, love, commitment and even sex (It’s important and too often an avoided topic.) are discussed. Later in the last two sections, he focuses on health issues and finally the environment. Sounds like a lot and it is, but the author is able to focus in each area with enough depth to be helpful without wearying the reader. Illustrations carry the weight and are well chosen for the point they convey.

There’s very little to say on the negative side, in my opinion. What did concern me is that the folks that could benefit the most from this book will probably be the last to pick it up. The title itself could be a problem for those injured by the legalism found in some quarters. So, until they begin to see their problem having a spiritual component, or until someone encourages them to read a chapter that is near and dear to their heart the impact this book could have will be dampened. Once a person does pick it up, the author’s gentle presentation will take over from that point, along with the Spirit’s nudge.

Overall, this would be a nice addition to your library and a good book to lend out to others to read.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for review.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Decided to start this month with a post.  Amazing!  The only thing if I don't do it now it'll be a month before I get around to it again.  It's April and snowing.  At least it's not supposed to be the major event like it had been originally forecast.  Or maybe this is the way Nature plans on an April Fool's joke.  Have to wait and see.  

On a different a notification that I'd won a Mosaic Bible from Tyndale.    Entered a contest on their site for bloggers and won.  Yea!!  Looks like a good version too.  Could've have been better timing for me since I'd been looking for a new one for a while.  It has some devotional items included that are right where I am right now spiritually.  Looking forward to claiming it.   Thank you, Tyndale!

Speaking of spiritual things, I think there's a shift in my perspective in progress.  I've noticed it for a while and thought it was just the results of reading different material, but I now believe it's something else.  I keep finding myself moving toward a less conservative view (not fundamentalist but conservative BTW), but more toward a liturgical worship form at the same time.  Is that emergent?  Don't think so. Or maybe it is?  What it is, I think, is growth into freedom to be and do who I am and not get defined by someone else.  About time, don't you think?  Only thing is that the definers aren't too happy about that turn of events.  Makes it a bit more difficult to be sure, but we'll see how this works out as time goes along.  

Getting ready to take off for Texas pretty soon, and I, for one, will be glad to leave this place for a while and get some sun on my bones.  Weather looks pretty good so far--high 80's and sun.  Sounds so good!  The plan is a short visit with the kids and then some time in the Hill Country.  That is going to be good.  I really miss that part of the world, but before that there's a quinceaneros (the real reason for the trip) to attend first though, and I still don't have anything new to wear.  Plan on taking the same outfit that I wore the last time.  Quick, easy and packs well.  I'm not the star of the show anyway, so it really doesn't matter that much.  Just show up and play the long lost gramma part.  

Haven't written any reviews lately.  You may have noticed that.  Some of the reason is that there hasn't been any books in my category until just recently.  Waiting for a couple to arrive in the mail now.  Probably won't get to them until after my vacation since they haven't arrived yet.  Looking forward to reading them. 

I have been reading for my course work, though.  Just finished a first read of the main text, a tome, as some might call it.  A monstrous 900 pages!  Now I have to figure out some way to interact with it so that some retention of the content might happen.  The author does have some exercises to try related to exegesis and that might be my tool.  Meanwhile I need to get together two book reports and a paper, too.  Looks doable.  Hope so anyway because another online starts in July.  Enjoy the work on this in any event.  

Well, it's still snowing but not accumulating and that's the happy ending to this post.