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Blog Envy

Wonder how much time folks spend on their blogs. Some of them are fabulous. Pictures and links and all sorts of good stuff. Of course some of them are themed like cookie recipes or travel or art or cars or noodles. You name it, there's a blog for it. Guess one of these days I'll have to update mine. Not in the foreseeable future though. No time right now. Procrastination. That could my theme. It'd be a big blank screen. Or not.

Saw a headline that the stimulus saved a bunch of teacher jobs in California. Good press right now, but what happens in the next fiscal cycle? California is still broke from what I hear, along with 49 other states and probably some territories too. I guess we can cut down a few more trees and print more money.

The dollar is being challenged as the coin of the world now I hear and the USA may be fading as the world leader. Not sure that's a bad thing really. We've tried to supply aid and troops to just about everyone since I c…

Getting Nervous Now

Seems like I get here every couple of weeks. Had the grand idea of more often, but it hasn't worked out that way. Latest thing going here is the prep for NaNoWriMo. It starts Sunday. This Sunday. Like six days from now. Not ready at all. Ideas keep morphing toward the weird. Maybe I should let them morph. Yeah, right, and end up with a thousand words and no way to move forward. Not the best method for this sort of thing.

I had a character all constructed and she was absolutely without heart or scruples. Make a great wicked step mother figure. She was supposed to reconsider her ways and do good stuff. Not a chance! There are more colorful ways of expressing that but not now or here. She's bad. Sounds awesome, doesn't she?

See what I mean about the weirdness inside my head? Had another character that deals with terminal disease. Sounds like a tear jerker, right? Nope. Instead it becomes a treasure hunt for the heirs. A little less weird until they find t…


Wow. Two weeks since I posted here. Really committed to doing this? Well, yes and obviously no. Can't say the time away produced any amazing news. Nano has been on my mind a lot lately for sure. Had one in the outline stages and scrapped it. No, put on the back burner when I realized it needed more planning than I was ready to do right now. Currently, I have a totally different idea and direction that looks to be "the one ". Coming together better with fewer holes in the plot line so far. Yea! What's the big deal about this? It's just the challenge of giving it go again.

Challenges. Must be the stuff of life. Definitely the reason some of us exist. Wonder what it is in our beings that makes that so? Not sure. There's a group of folks that want to explore and do and think. Then there's some that are just the opposite. Basic wiring? Acquired? Both probably. What I am sure of in my own existence is that the lack of new challenges, new ide…

October 1st

October arrived today and for some reason that makes me happy. The leaves haven't turned, thick clouds obscured the sun, a damp northerly breeze added to the overall fallness of the day. Spellcheck says fallness isn't spelled correctly. Actually, it's probably not a word either but it works for me. Still October makes me happy today.
The biggest event aside from October's arrival happened a couple of days ago. I have an idea for Nano! That's a really big deal. So is the idea. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. I'd still like to try it just to see if I can come anywhere near pulling it off. It's going to be a scifi/political-ish idea. So far at least. Ideas morph as time goes along. See, I learned something from last years try at it. Now to get all pieces going for it so I can write when the contest starts.

So why am I doing this instead of creating the perfect alien creature or his world? I am creating but it's running in the background at t…