Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Winner!!

Haven't been here in a while. Just picked up my winner goodies from NaNoWriMo. Finished a bit earlier than I thought I would. That doesn't mean my novel is complete. Not by a long shot. Not even the first draft. That surprised me. Last year's was as done as I could get it at a little over 50K. This one may go to 70K or 80K. The genre was different and a whole lot more fun. The characters are fun to work with even the bad guys. Just thought I'd savor the moment a little longer. Winning feels good.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nano, Nukes, and Space Dust

Time to put a few words on the old blog. Haven't done much for a while. Nano is getting all the attention right now. Just put 27K on the charts. Only how many more for a win? Don't go there. Just keep moving. I am passed the half way mark though and proud of that. Not too shabby from a dead start. Enjoying it more this year. Not so much pressure. Just sit back and ride with the characters as they discover their world.

Let's see what else I can talk about beside nano. What about I signed up for Script Frenzy? That's not nano. OK, it's a definite cousin then. And that doesn't count as a new idea. But while I'm on it, it looks like fun. All that needs to happen between now and then is learn who to write a play. Couldn't write a 50K anything not long ago, so I believe that this too is possible. Given a little help.

Any body besides me think that some of the stuff mentioned in conjunction with the four horsemen of the apocalypse is looking more real lately? Or is it just all the hype about some end of the world flick? Not sure, but all of a sudden things aren't what they were. My world is not so predictable and dependable. Stuff that used to be relegated to futuristic drama is happening. Remember the threats of a China as a world power or the Russians and the Arabs getting together in some plot or another. It ain't make believe no more. And this isn't Kansas, either.

Know what else? I find myself thinking thoughts like "Well why can't they have a nuke?" Whoever the they is today. Is the current they any more or less a threat than some other shoe yielding guy of yesteryear? Besides, who appointed the US as the arbiter of who gets what? And after touring a museum with graphic pictures of ancient, well 19th century, warfare and remembering the more recent pictures of machete war, a nuke doesn't look so bad. A much more humane way to kill whoever the enemy might be.

And retaliation is sure to follow. That deterred some folks years ago, but in today's world I'm not at all sure that would be the case. So as some improve their ideas of how to launch and all that stuff an old saying comes to mind. Bend over and kiss it good bye.

Is that bad? If evolution is for real and in some measure I think it is, then what would be the next round of life on the cinder formerly known as Earth. But wait we don't have to worry about that because a solar storm will finish stripping away the atmosphere. Boy, am I glad I didn't forget that. I feel much better now.
And so should you, you soon to be space dust.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital Fatigue

Been a few days so I thought I'd stop by and check in with myself. Wonder how one does that? Seemed like a good idea a minute ago. Anyway, been burning up the keys doing the Nano writing. Managed to cross the 15K mark earlier today. A bit ahead of schedule but not too much so. Trying to build a little cushion just in case the muses go on break.

This year has been more adventuresome than last. Exploring the world the characters live in with them. Worked pretty well so far. No Pulitzer or Nobel for it but that's not the point anyway. Nano does seem to eat your brain though. Find myself mulling over parts of it or thinking about inserting a scene here and there all the time now. If you haven't tried it you might want to.

Thinking about the Script Frenzy event that happens in the spring sometime. No clue how to put together a script. Might should ought look that up later on. If it does what I think it does, it would be a good exercise for tightening up dialogue. Read somewhere that even the dialogue should move the plot forward. I try to do that, but sometimes the characters just want to ramble.

As this bit of prose lengthens so does the debate in Congress, or the House to be more specific, about healthcare. Don't know where I stand on that. For sure the system needs work, not sure that government involvement is the answer. On the other hand, who else is there to step in? Call me fatalistic or whatever, I don't think the opinion of the little guys like me matter that much any more. Too much power and money out there. But if it makes you feel better, keep believing that you can make a difference in that respect.

Well, the fingers are tired, the eyes are burned out from staring at the screen for way too long now and the brain is beginning to circle back on itself. Must be time to do something else.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Mantra

Made it back for a few minutes before I take off again for more fun stuff. Just got back from a trek to NaNoWriMo land. Spent the better part of the afternoon increasing the word count globally. And locally.

This year is so different from last. Maybe because it's not the first year. To the point, I'm enjoying this year more. Part of it has to be the little talk I had with myself. "Self," I said, "this is for fun." There was lots more, but that's enough to get the gist of the conversation. So before I start I chant the mantra and then go at it. Haven't broken into the five digit count yet but that's OK. Fun.

Not sure about this time change. Dark at five o'clock doesn't seem right somehow. Here's a useless fact I garnered today. The sun's arc where I live has shifted significantly. It used to cruise over my roof but now it just makes it above the tree line which is a lot lower on the horizon. Didn't realize I lived that far north. Wonder what it does in a Alaska? Skim the horizon?

Voted today. Turn out was decent I suppose. The workers at my polling place said they'd seen about maybe half of the number from the general elections. Although all the campaigning that I whined back then is long gone, I could've used some of it for this one. Most of the names on the ballot I had never seen before. Informed voter?

How did I choose then? I have to admit I chose by gender and party if I didn't recognize a name from the list. Time will tell if that method works any better than listening to months of rhetoric. One other method I forgot to mention...the size signs the candidate had splattered all over the countryside. If I saw bunches of large signs and billboards, particularly the new animated ones, I voted for someone else. Scientific reasoning there is that someone financed the advertising and will then expect something in return. Jaded? Not for politics. Not in my life time anyway.

Got my first Christmas catalogue in the mail today. Been seeing decorations going up in the stores, but that starts as soon as back to school is over. Ignore that. Anybody remember getting the "wish book" form Sears? My siser and I would spend hours pouring over that book. The list had to be just right. We'd coordinate the wishes as best we could figuring if one of us messed up, maybe the other would get it and share. A different time then. We're grown now living on opposite coasts. And in different worlds.

Don't remember my kids doing anything like that. No wish book came to the house for them. No department store windows, no trip to the power company offices to see the big train layout. Guess they missed out on a special moment of time. Maybe being the age I am isn't so bad after all.