Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nano, Nukes, and Space Dust

Time to put a few words on the old blog. Haven't done much for a while. Nano is getting all the attention right now. Just put 27K on the charts. Only how many more for a win? Don't go there. Just keep moving. I am passed the half way mark though and proud of that. Not too shabby from a dead start. Enjoying it more this year. Not so much pressure. Just sit back and ride with the characters as they discover their world.

Let's see what else I can talk about beside nano. What about I signed up for Script Frenzy? That's not nano. OK, it's a definite cousin then. And that doesn't count as a new idea. But while I'm on it, it looks like fun. All that needs to happen between now and then is learn who to write a play. Couldn't write a 50K anything not long ago, so I believe that this too is possible. Given a little help.

Any body besides me think that some of the stuff mentioned in conjunction with the four horsemen of the apocalypse is looking more real lately? Or is it just all the hype about some end of the world flick? Not sure, but all of a sudden things aren't what they were. My world is not so predictable and dependable. Stuff that used to be relegated to futuristic drama is happening. Remember the threats of a China as a world power or the Russians and the Arabs getting together in some plot or another. It ain't make believe no more. And this isn't Kansas, either.

Know what else? I find myself thinking thoughts like "Well why can't they have a nuke?" Whoever the they is today. Is the current they any more or less a threat than some other shoe yielding guy of yesteryear? Besides, who appointed the US as the arbiter of who gets what? And after touring a museum with graphic pictures of ancient, well 19th century, warfare and remembering the more recent pictures of machete war, a nuke doesn't look so bad. A much more humane way to kill whoever the enemy might be.

And retaliation is sure to follow. That deterred some folks years ago, but in today's world I'm not at all sure that would be the case. So as some improve their ideas of how to launch and all that stuff an old saying comes to mind. Bend over and kiss it good bye.

Is that bad? If evolution is for real and in some measure I think it is, then what would be the next round of life on the cinder formerly known as Earth. But wait we don't have to worry about that because a solar storm will finish stripping away the atmosphere. Boy, am I glad I didn't forget that. I feel much better now.
And so should you, you soon to be space dust.

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