Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan, Libya, and Who Knows What Else?

Boy!  Things are happening.  The world can change quickly some times.  Other times it seems to drag on and on.  The quickly part is Japan, of course.  First a major earthquake.  That was bad enough but the tsumani afterward was worse yet.  The numbers of displaced persons is staggering.  Last I heard it was well over 400,000.  The town I live in isn't anywhere as large.  The devastation was shocking.  The media reports here whined about a few boats getting bashed around in a marina.  What is the matter with them?!!  Thousands of people died in a moment and they act as if a boat matters more. 

The rebuilding cannot start for a large area until the nuclear plants are safe again and an alternate source of power has been established.  That has got to a major ordeal.  Hopefully, they will relocate some of the nuclear generation to another area when they begin to recover.  Have to wonder what sort of long term planning that entails.

Could you imagine that happening here?  I'm not sure the population would be as calm as the Japanese have been this far.  Look at all the finger pointing and blame around a cleanup after a hurricane or an oil spill.  Not helpful in any respect.  Just foments hostility and divisiveness.  Pretty scary to think about really.

Then there's the latest "engagement" with yet another Arab nation.  Not sure what I think of that.  The relief came very, very late if the idea was to support the rebellion.  Meanwhile the current leader consolidated and pushed back.  Beginning to think there might be a concerted effort to drain the West's reserves in these actions.  A weakened bunch of nations that are tired of engaging in this sort of stuff would be easy turf to "convert".  Not sure at all that this isn't another front in that war.  Europe was getting a bit hostile to all the political pluralism and reacting against it.  Yeah, it's probably not some grand conspiracy, but it's sure would not beyond the machinations of a very patient group of people.

Yes, the world is not the same place it was a couple of weeks ago.  In another way of thinking though, it's exactly the same place.  Wars, rumors of war, earthquake, famine, disease...sounding normal for some and apocalyptic for others.  Take your pick.  

Another change has occurred.  Spring is about to officially begin.  Of course, that means there's snow in the forecast, lest you get too happy dancing around and chanting to the whomever, but the crocus are blooming here, the robins have returned, and the raptors are soaring over head now. Trees have begun to bud and the maples in the warmer spots have early leaves.  The winter is nearly over and none to soon for me.  Glad to see it go.

How's my education coming along, you ask?  Fine.  Completed hermeneutics and on to the next course.  Haven't gotten any reports from paper or final, but the course is done no matter what.  Sure, I'd like a nice pretty A, but pass is the name of the game.  Started a survey of the New Testament that has turned out to be better than I'd anticipated.  A bunch of the material is not new but the approach is, so I'm enjoying it so far.  

Did I mention I put some of the texts for the new course on Kindle?  I do like Kindle to read from.  Doesn't burn out the eyes like a computer screen or the sun on a white page.  Download is nearly instant and a real temptation for me.  Acquiring a new book is a simple key stroke and poof! another $10-$20 spent.  That's about my biggest complaint against it.  I like that you can hi-lite and note the texts almost as easily as paper.  Guess I'm an ebook junkie now.  We all have our vices. 


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