Saturday, September 12, 2009

Awaking the Muses

The latest from the return of my blog is here and now available. I keep putting this off and now it's been a while again. Just ran across someone else's site that lamented of ignoring his "duty" toward his blog for 10 days. Didn't check the date on my last entry, but I suppose it's been at least that long now.
Been reading more of NT Wright again. Justification this time. It's worth the read, but I may have to read Piper too now just to see what all the fuss is about. I've read Surprised by Hope which apparently ignited this round of tree felling and ink spilling and don't remember anything so earth shattering that would require a whole book to rebut that and then a rebuttal to the rebut. Not sure how that goes in in scholarly terms. Still reading so the verdict isn't in on this for me.
I will say that Wright has put some pieces together for me that just didn't seem to fit from what I had learned in my meeker bit of study. I started with the Surprised book which I just happened to pick up at a discount store. After that I decided to read further. Next was the Jesus and the Victory of God book. (Yeah, I like big heavy books and yes, I know it was the second of what is currently a trilogy.) I have to say that some of that book and the others in that series are a bit beyond my educational level, but I know that I got enough to say I like what the man has to say. Read him yourself and see what you think of him and his ideas.
In a different part of my life I'm currently searching for an idea for Nanowrimo. It's coming up soon and I'd like to participate again. Really enjoyed it last year which was my first. So far nothing has grabbed me like last years idea did. The muses are quiet now. Need to stir them up a bit. Last years idea came from a picture I saw on some internet news site. Been looking but apparently pictures aren't the source of inspiration they were last year. Or I just haven't seen the one that clicks yet.
Would like to try some sort of scifi maybe. Need to create a world? Or maybe something like Star Trek that totes around a normal world and just visits others. Don't need giant new worlds completed that way. Just enough to work for the adventure. Earthlings meet the Endlings. Yeah. Now what do you suppose that could be about? A group of beings whose tasks is to end things, sent by some superior being. Rehash of Revelations sort of. Could work, sort of. Why would the superior being send them? How can the earthlings prevent the endlings from accomplishing their goal? Or can they? Are the endlings programed or thinking beings? Can they be swayed? What would the superior being do about that? a rebellion? This could get to be fun. Think I'll look at this one some more.
Time to move along again. Ought to be digging around looking for clothes to take on a trip that's coming up. Not in the mood for that right now though. Besides the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and I must go catch the rays that have made it this far.

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