Monday, May 10, 2010

Buntings and Books

Time to blog says the calendar. So OK let's blog. What about? Oil spills? Court nominees? Euro problems? Weather?

The last one is the easiest to go with it looks like. Cold and windy again. What is this about? Not more than a week ago it looked like summer. Even needed fans to cool the place. Well, the fans are off now. Nature has provided some pre-cooled forced air for a few days now, complete with humidity adjustments ie rain. Keeps the ground cold and the urge to garden at bay. Protection for those of us who aren't in the best physical condition.

The weather has the birds on the feeder more often and that included a new one in the area. We've decided to call it an indigo bunting. Matches the picture in the book so that's got to be who he is. Pretty little guy, all decked out in his breeding plumage. Haven't seen those colors since the last peacock came around. Just read that cowbirds like to use them to raise their chicks. Yet another reason to dislike cowbirds. But the little bunting is pretty and the females look like any one of several in that family group. May have seen her and not known it.

The other topics I mentioned before will have to wait. Not in the mood for that today. Let the talking heads do their thing with them. Right now, I'm watching the shadows play on the window. Restful and visually stimulating. Breathe deeply, exhale now. Like this.

Another thing I like is a book I just finished earlier today. I'll post a review later but that book is probably the best I've read for a while. Nice to challenge the little brain cells a bit. It was a learning experience, too. Except for the Greek study, learning new stuff is rare anymore. Not because there isn't anything new, I just am not where it's happening anymore. (Big sad sigh)

Oh and speaking of books...I checked a sight that I read for early in the year to see the finalists in my reading category and discovered none of the ones I thought were so great were in the running. Haven't missed that far in a long time. My tastes in fiction writing must have changed. The ones chosen I thought were all well padded to give them the length needed for novel. Oh well. May be time to move on to another genre for a while.

Moving on. Yeah, that's what I ought to do about now. Other big events in my life will have to wait until later for mention. Still too fresh to talk about without getting over wrought. Try them later maybe.

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