Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lazy Summer Days Happening Now

Almost July.  Better get another post in for the fun of it.  Just had some real summer weather here and glad for the AC.  Oh yes.  I enhanced my carbon footprint significantly.  But I could also breathe.  Gotten accustomed to that habit.  Supposed to be cooler outside but it hasn't happened yet.  Try it later on.

So what have I done of any import lately.  Nothing.  Just lazing around.  Haven't written a review lately even.  I do have one sort of done but don't like it.  If I don't like it I suspect the author wouldn't either.  They can take criticism pretty well but what I've got now doesn't do that or praise him for his efforts.  Give it another try later.  

The problem I'm having is that I'm too close to the material this time.  Not sure why and that's probably what the writer was hoping for but I can't back off enough to be objective or at least not as subjective.  Give it some more time to ferment and see what happens. 

The oilspill is beginning to be old news.  At least, the talking heads aren't ranting as long about it.  That's a sign it's losing its ratings appeal.  A bit passed sixty days is about as far as the public outrage can last.  Drive thru food and microwave cooking have taken its toll.  OK, maybe it's more than that but I don't feel like chasing that rabbit today.  Like I said--just lazing around.

In fact, I'm reading some of Hitchhiker's Guide.  You know Douglas Adams work, right?  Read nearly all of his stuff I can find.  So much fun.  If you haven't ever read his stuff, get a copy and do it now.  Too good to miss out on.  The copies I have are old, old paperbacks that I bought old.  Even better for the effect.  I think so anyway.  One day I may get that fake leather compilation someone put out a while back.  But only after the paper ones have disintegrated.  In fact I think I'll try the great outdoors ago and read some more now.

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