Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP, Ranting, and Checking Out

Might have a new look. Check it out after I'm done here. If it worked it was really easy to do. Like easy. Most of us do, I guess.

Tired of all the BP bashing, ranting, dodging yet? I am quite sure I am. What is all that posturing about. Will it fix anything? Bring back those that were killed on the rig? Restore the Gulf to its pre-spill condition? Nope. The question is whether the folks in power and those in the know will do anything that really matters to fix both the spill and whatever caused it to happen in the first place. And will any of them look for better methods to clean up when it happens again.

Yeah, it'll happen again. No sets of rules or pieces of equipment are fail proof. And accidents will still occur. And since no one seems ready to give up oil and petroleum products, like plastics, we really need to get serious about this. I think so anyway. And now.

Remember everyone laughing at a movie line that said something like, "Greed is good." Well, not so funny any more. Greed drives the bottom line and doing whatever it takes to make that line more impressive. Profits are a must, but at what cost? This isn't exclusive to BP. It's the mind set of business. The same business that funds politicians who also aren't opposed to lots of dollars around them and their bank accounts. So while these same politicians act so outraged with all this mess let's not forget who is going to accept the generous campaign contributions that keep them in office.

As for the "little people" comment made, most of us are the little people. We are the ones who have no say in all of this. Sure we can vote, but will the next guy be any different? It takes enormous sums of money to make it to Washington and even more to stay. We are the ignorant masses, hoping that someone will look around and see what we see. Promises are nice, change comes slowly and believing what we're told or can glean from our government and other sources has gotten to be a farce.

OK, OK. I'm ranting at the ranters. So what. It's the only thing I can do for now. Besides wait and watch.

Last time around, I mentioned I had signed on to Twitter. Well, after a few days I dumped the account. Talking to the universe and no one at the same time seemed futile. I tried it, didn't like it, and left. Maybe some other time. In another life.

I feel so much better now. Think I'll publish this and go have a cookie or something.

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