Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rest, School, Politics and Pundits

Wow!  Another month come and gone. And now November is well under way.  Let he time slide passed me for sure. So what is new around here?  The biggest news is the seminary course I'm doing online.  Takes way more time than I ever anticipated, but that's OK since I've got more than money, as they say.  It is interesting and challenging as well.  I didn't know what to expect really.  To be honest I didn't think it would be at a true master's level educationally.  It is.  That is good.  There's so much out there that claims to be what this is and isn't.  I've tried several of them.  So that's the top of the news.

Next been on the road for almost three weeks and finally am settling in for the winter.  Did a conference in Virginia that was very well done.  That is saying a lot because I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing.  In fact I avoid them if possible, but I'm glad I attended this one.  Then the next trip was a week of "vacation" in a cabin.  Spent lots of time cooking, etc.  until I finally went off on the guys and then I got to be on vacation as well.  Number one offspring accompanied us which was nice.  He needed the time off to recharge after a no fun year.
  Very difficult with his personal life and he was a basket case.  Seems to be pulling out of it now.  

Then got to go to a convention.  And I really, really, really do not like those.  As it turned out one day was spent in the hotel minding a sick spouse.  Think his flu shot got him.  But all that's done and over with now happily.  Meanwhile Nano started and I decided at the last minute to give it a go again this year.  Now I'm only 5000 words behind. (Big sigh.)  See if it's possible to overcome a late start or not.  Put up 3000 words yesterday and will try for some more today later on.  See how it goes.

Any other stuff?  Oh, yeah.  The elections happened in the middle of all that.  Wonder what the results will mean?  More gridlock or business as usual which lately have been interchangeable terms.  My state replaced nearly every elected official this time around.  Don't  think I've seen anything like that happen before, but I wasn't watching as closely either. 

The reviews have slowed down too.  I've got one book I need to get done soon and that's it.  One of the houses has no offerings right now at all.  Hopefully they are rethinking some of what they do.  Given the state of the economy I wouldn't be surprised to hear they stop the reviews altogether.  But maybe they so get enough benefit form them to keep them going.  Not really sure.  I know I do read some reviews before I buy a book, but only the lower starred ratings.  The five star folks are too enthusiastic for me and the one star generally to fundamentalist.  Given the way I read the reviews I rarely if ever go five stars.  

Guess that has this blog got up now.  No punditry today.  Except to say that Keith messed up it seems.  Wonder who ratted him out?  Or is he pushing the envelope with this issue?  It is a strange policy, I think.  May even be too strange for legal issues to come from it.  But the networks have tons of lawyers, so who knows.  Anyway, it did cause a stir in the news cycle.  

There I did do some comments and not just newsy, boring stuff.  Time to post now, if I can remember to put a title on this.


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