Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time to Check In

It has been a very long time since I've done anything besides reviews here.  Decided to rectify that with a little rambling now.  Why haven't I come around?  Not sure really.  Winter mostly, I think.  It's still officially winter but the days are longer now by about an hour and a half.  That helps.  

Other excuses---been working on the courses I'm taking.  Just finishing up one now and deciding on the next one.  This one was hermeneutics and my first try at an online class.  Not sure if it was a good experience or not.  Don't feel like I learned very much, but time will tell.  Liking the subjects so far and that's the main point as far as I am concerned.  Had an epiphany just lately that these classes are the substitutes for being able to explore the physical world.  That has been curtailed drastically and the world of learning is accessible all the time.  Thought that was a significant discovery.  Takes the guilt away.  What guilt?  The money and not having some "worthy" or "lofty" goal to advance the kingdom stuff primarily.  That kills the joy, but no longer.

Not sure to make of all the mess in the Middle East right now.  Maybe the economic downturn has shone a light on some latent desires and got them going.  I'm sure all the end times gurus have another angle on it, but that's a bit too far out for me.  I do have a sense that it's part of some larger event but no more than that.  

Waiting for spring now that it's almost March.  Weather's acting like the March I remember from years ago.  Cold and raw.  Looking at the garden spot and wondering if we should put one in this year.  We waited to long last year and didn't get one started.  Missed the produce especially the tomatoes and squash.  See what happens when it gets to be closer to the time to do it.  

Speaking of spring, haven't seen the groundhog yet.  Probably that's good for the gray cat that has been living in the top of the burrow.  I doubt that groundhogs are good roommates.  And the cat would undoubtedly think the babies were snacks.  Noticed that the birds are beginning to pair up now too.  Nothing serious, but definitely the early signs of courtship. 

The Tigger cat got nailed by something a while back.  No, not squished, but wounded.  He'd gotten out and I forgot about him for a while.  When he came in he looked fine but within a few days a giant lump formed on his back.  It went down and we thought things were fine.  Wrong, a few days after that I noticed a wet spot on his back and when I checked it out it erupted.  He'd gotten an abscess or something and it was gross.  The good part is that now he's healing, but it is a nasty wound and will take some time.  Poor kitty. 
Of course, poor kitty is making the most of all the attention and loving it.

Well, that's about all there is right now.  And I do need to read a couple of books for reviews.  So, hopefully, I will get back a little sooner the next time.

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