Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Love Written in Stone: Finding God’s Grace in the Boundaries He Sets Philip Carson, MD

Dr. Philip Carson MD has written a book that most of us need to read now, and review regularly. He reminds us in several ways that the grace of God found in His expectations upon us is not restrictive but provides the freedom we desire and the healing in body and spirit that is lacking for many of us today. Divided into four different sections he addresses relationships not only with others, but with God as well. Topics like forgiveness, love, commitment and even sex (It’s important and too often an avoided topic.) are discussed. Later in the last two sections, he focuses on health issues and finally the environment. Sounds like a lot and it is, but the author is able to focus in each area with enough depth to be helpful without wearying the reader. Illustrations carry the weight and are well chosen for the point they convey.

There’s very little to say on the negative side, in my opinion. What did concern me is that the folks that could benefit the most from this book will probably be the last to pick it up. The title itself could be a problem for those injured by the legalism found in some quarters. So, until they begin to see their problem having a spiritual component, or until someone encourages them to read a chapter that is near and dear to their heart the impact this book could have will be dampened. Once a person does pick it up, the author’s gentle presentation will take over from that point, along with the Spirit’s nudge.

Overall, this would be a nice addition to your library and a good book to lend out to others to read.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House for review.

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