Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing

Now that was a pretty wild ride---I mean read. It’s written in the style of several of the business books I’ve seen lately. Fast paced, high energy, and packed with all sorts of stuff. I liked it. If you are looking for some overall theme it is probably something along the lines of a wakeup call in your life, or at least five distinct areas of it.

Cooke is a media guy and understands how to connect. In fact in one of his microbursts he states that he starts with knowing who he’s talking to before he starts his communication. Now that sounds pretty sensible, but it doesn’t happen in some circles as often as it could. He’s got all the right words and hooks you right from the start. That isn’t to say that he does not deliver substance. He definitely does, repeatedly in this book. My advice is to give it a decent first read and go back to some of the areas that need attention now. Oh, I think he mentioned that too.

Each Jolt! is neatly packaged and nearly independent of the others around it. Nearly, but the one that follows generally leads you into the next step. Even though this is a high energy read, taking the time to examine the parts that most pertain to you is necessary if you intend to excel. Stop and really consider what he has written.

Like I said I liked this book. Finding a negative is not easy. Maybe the title? There are other items with that name out there in the market place, most of which have lots of caffeine. Or was that the idea?

I’d like to read a little more from this author. I think you will too.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for my review on Booksneeze.

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