Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quince, Hill Country, Tacos, and Tin Roof

Wow!  It's May already.  Not sure how that happened, but the calendar says it's so.  Part of last month was a vacation and a nice one too.  The quince, as they called it for short, came off without any major glitches and the honoree was sooo pretty in her fancy dress.  It was definitely her evening to shine.  And shine she did.  A little girl, no more.  She has officially joined the ranks of young lady.  I guess in the old days this was a signal for the suitors to line up for their evaluation as possible marriage material.  Not so nowadays, but the custom remains anyway.  

Had some time in the Hill Country after the party and some relaxation was just what the doctor ordered, in a manner of speaking.  There was no doctor or any order from one, but the time was nice.  Didn't know why the skies were so hazy, but discovered later that range fires were burning all over the state.  They didn't get much news coverage, but after a million or so acres a few sites picked up on it. Yes, there are pictures of all that and I may go find one to post in a few, but for now words will have to do. 

That pretty much covered the vacation.  Oh, exception massive quantities of Mexican food.  I'd forgotten how good it was.  Puff tacos, flautas, real salsa verde, breakfast tacos, and that sticky caramel-pecan candy!!  Just doesn't get much better.  And amazingly, I gained not one pound or even ten.  I guess I should also mention the guacamole bean burger here too.  It's not officially Mexican food but it's still a real treat for the little taste buds. And since I'm on food---the absolute best grilled ribs, chicken and sausages were prepared by Nick.  He's the master of the grill and we were treated to some of his cooking.  Yummy!

Oh, another couple of things about the vacation---while we were at the cabin it rained.  So what?  Well, it was the very first time I had ever heard rain on a tin roof.  People had talked about it with such fondness I just knew I had missed one of life's simple pleasures.  It is very nice.  What I remember of it.  It's also very soothing, relaxing.  I slept through most of the experience it seems.  I'd recommend it and would love to get another chance at hearing it again.

As you may have guessed by now I thoroughly enjoyed this vacation.  I found the place I belong and want to return soon.  No, I will not divulge the location of the cabin.  The Hill Country is all you need to know.  

Well, it's been a while since that vacation and the routine has settled about me again.  The course work has resumed, slowly.  Got the final report from the previous course and did well there.  That also was the catalyst to get started again with the current course.  Other than that it's just been the usual stuff for me.

I received the gift Bible from Tyndale about a week or so ago.  It's one called the Mosaic Bible.  After using it for a while now I've got to say I wish I'd found it sooner.  It combines an NLT translation with some devotional material that follows the Church calendar.  The devotional section is separate, which I like much better than having it intermixed with the biblical texts.  There's also some color plates for folks that enjoy art as a tool for meditation.  Sometimes I do. The back has a short Hebrew and Greek dictionary with some very good instructions about doing a word study for yourself.  Of course, a concordance and maps are there as well.
Sounds big and bulky, but it isn't.  The size and weight, which can be a problem for some folks, is just right, I think.  I like enough to include this link for anyone who is interested. 

Just highlight and click.  The link worked for me from here so hopefully it will do so for you.

The sun is going down now and it's nearly time to think about dinner.  Or not.  I am in the process of reading another book for review here.  It's a little meatier than some I've done so it may be another couple of days before I can get that posted.  We'll see.

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