Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon’s Classic Devotional thoughts on Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn uses edited excerpts of Spurgeon’s sermons about heaven in this devotional and adds some of his own content. They make wonderful compliment to Spurgeon. For those who are not familiar with the life and preaching of Charles Spurgeon, Alcorn introduces him throughout this 50 day devotional. The introduction carries a short biography of his life and work, and then Alcorn weaves other fascinating bits of information into his content. But…this isn’t a book to glorify Spurgeon or Alcorn. Its theme is God and the Heaven that He inhabits and shares with His children.

The first few readings are situated in the place where the focus on heaven is the most pronounced, after the death of someone near and dear to us. Sadness gives way to joy as the reader progresses through these opening days. And it continues that way throughout the rest of the book. Alcorn’s comments and illustrations help reinforce the encouragement or exhortation that Spurgeon provides. There are a few entries, however, that do focus on the fate of those that refuse to heed the Word. While those are few, they do serve as a reminder and a cause to express gratitude for the grace that is available to us.

As Alcorn aptly says in his first comment, “We should not romanticize death.” Spurgeon certainly did not and was well acquainted with sorrow himself as the reader will discover in the readings. This devotional is probably one of the most helpful collections of writings about the topic as I have encountered. I recommend it without reservation.

This book was provided by Tyndale in exchange for my review.

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