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Review: I Am A Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus by Leonard Sweet

Review: I Am A Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus
Leonard Sweet
Thomas Nelson

Sweet has produced what I consider to be his best work lately. Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion as the book has numerous recommendations preceding the title page. To add anything more than what has already been said seems unnecessary, but since my name is not one of the recognized group I will try to add something from the bottom tier of readers.

Sweet once again is coming against the business model method of church leadership. Yes, even the word leadership is a problem, but Sweet has a difficult time avoiding its use. He is correct though in opposing the mentality of professional churchmen and business practices that have driven the marketing of Christianity of late; however he is not opposed to “plundering the Egyptians” for items or techniques that might be useful. His repeated admonishment to the leaders of Christianity does help refocus on Who is actually supposed to be leading and who is to follow that lead is important.

I did find the early part of the book more difficult to follow than the latter parts and found myself urging him to get on with what he had to say. I got his point about leadership holding itself above the followers and the followers exalting those leaders. So onward to what needs to happen to correct that dichotomy.

Sweet still loves to play with words, but he keeps that to a minimum in this book, happily. Much more readable in my opinion that way. The interactive sections were challenging and interesting at the same time.

I do recommend this book, but be ready to work a bit harder on this than what other books of this sort generally require. I appreciate that challenge.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing for review via BookSneeze.


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