Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: gods at war by Kyle Idleman

Review: gods at war
Kyle Idleman

Any who have experienced this author's previous study will not be disappointed by this one.  It is well written, wonderfully equipped with illustrations, and timely.  So what else can I say about this?

For starters, anyone who has been in church for any length of time will probably have heard some of what this study contains before, but the nice thing is not quite the way Idleman presents it.  It retains its freshness.  His quote, "idolatry isn't an issue---it is the issue" reframes the entire emphasis for me.  And, it never hurts to check to see where you are personally with this. 

What didn't I like? Not much.  I was surprised at the abrupt ending, but with some thought even that works.  I do wish I had access to the video series that goes with this to see how that is done.  His previous work was top notch in that department and I would expect this one to be as well.  This book does not have discussion questions like many others, but does end each chapter with some discussion for thought that could serve just as well for those wanting to do a book study rather than a video driven study.

I do recommend this book and think that perhaps it would make a good addition to an older youth or young adults selection for study, but more so as the video study.

This book was provided to me for this review via BookSneeze. 

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