Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Tempted, Tested, True: A Proven Path to Overcoming Soul-Robbing Choices by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross

Review: Tempted, Tested, True: A Proven Path to Overcoming Soul-Robbing Choices
Arnie Cole and Michael Ross
Bethany House Publishers

This book is a straight forward look at some common poor choices most of us make in life at some time or another that continue to plagues us long after the original decisions were made.  Divided into topical chapters the authors address addictions to worry. 

As the authors state early on, this book is a guide and a workbook combined into a single volume, one that can be used in group settings or as a personal tool.  The whole point is freedom from whatever it is that has you bound.  It starts off with some necessary steps that take aim on all the excuses we offer for continuing whatever is our major weak point.  You know the one thing that’s “not as bad as all that.”  And once that start point is established the authors delve into some specific areas of weakness that they found more common from survey results.  

Good effort from these men.  Good organization of workbook material, one that allows the reader to work where they see their need after completing the start point information.  The problem I found was that it felt dated and probably will not appeal to a younger generation.  If their target was the older conservative, it might work.  The prose sections were overwritten for my tastes and I found myself skipping over them.  

So overall I think that someone truly wanting to be set free could find it with this, but there are better written works out there.  

This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers in return for this review.

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