Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Francis: Man of Prayer by Mario Escobar

Review: Francis: Man of Prayer
Mario Escobar
Thomas Nelson

Escobar has written one of many biographies of the newly installed Pope, and his is the first I’ve read.  As time goes on I will probably read some of the others too.  So what did I think of this one? Honestly the historical background of the church was quite interesting and as it has been a large part of Francis’ life I took it to be part of his biography, and the biographical information was interesting but thin; maybe in the rush to get the book out there. 
Escobar seemed more concerned with outlining the challenges Francis faces now and their background information than on the life of the man thus far.  And the new Pope does have a giant task before him it seems and pretending he doesn’t does not help him solve the issues at hand.  So maybe Escobar has chosen the better path. 

One last thought---the title of this book.  Where did that come from?  From the first words spoken by the newly installed Pope to his flock.  Personally, I hope that sort of attitude continues throughout his tenure.  

Over all I found this a very interesting read and recommend it, although I think this one and the others are probably a rush to press.  

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson in exchange for a review.

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