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Review: NIV Leadership Bible: Leading by the Book from Zondervan Publishing

Review: NIV Leadership Bible: Leading by the Book
Zondervan 2013

This review will not comment on the biblical text, but only on the portions that make this the Leadership Bible and maybe a few other things.  With that said, what impressed me first off was the look and feel of this book.  I received an Italian DuoTone™ with ribbon.  Gilt edge, of course.  The general feel of the book is good, and the type clear and decent sized, like maybe 10-12 point for the biblical text.  I am very grateful to have received such a nice volume for this review.  Thank you, Zondervan and BookSneeze.

Beyond the outward appearance though is the content that falls under the leadership emphasis.  For the general reader there are comments and notes throughout the text labeled as INSIGHTS.  Short, helpful and related to a few verses in the immediate vicinity.  For those that purchase this Bible for the leadership study there is a 52 week series available.  Each week (sometimes two weeks) the focus is on a particular quality necessary for leadership like character, integrity, values and more.  For this emphasis please read the introductory pages on how it is organized and where to find week one. 
I read through a couple of the weekly studies and was impressed as to their content.  I think the person wishing to become a leader or a better leader will benefit from what is offered in those discussions.  Would make a nice group study, too.  If you want to work on a particular quality there is a topical index and you may start there.  Additionally, the reader will find several character studies available from the Old Testament and the New Testament.   (As a total aside, if you like this kind of setup, the Open Bible offers an array of studies that are helpful.)

What is not in this book is a concordance or set of maps.  There are footnotes that help with some material though.  Does anyone really look at maps anymore, or do they do a quick online search for information?  I didn’t miss either of those items.  

I do recommend this version of the NIV.  The qualities of leadership are not exclusive to leadership and applicable to anyone, I think.  So maybe when you shop a look at this version would be helpful.

I received this book in return for this review.

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