Thursday, January 23, 2014

Futureville: Discover Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow by Skye Jethani

Review: Futureville: Discover Your Purpose or Today by Reimagining Tomorrow
Skye Jethani
Nelson Books

This is another winner from this author.  Jethani writes books that need to be read.  This one touches all of us in one way or another.  What is happening here is a look at the premise that drives actions and thoughts related to an individual’s view of the future---and the present as well.  

In a gentle manner and in a very readable way the author examines the outcome of believing in a global sort of evolution, evacuation, or resurrection.  Each direction leads to a different emphasis and practice according to Jethani.  He has connected dots that at the very least were obscured by loads of rhetoric from their respective adherents and opponents.

This is an affirming and insightful work which is sorely needed by many and especially those in the Church.  He weaves it together through a metaphor of a World’s Fair held in New York City toward the end of the Depression.  Sounds strange, but it is quite apropos to his message. 

Any nits?  For me the same metaphor that worked so well may also be its problem.  The title doesn’t work for me.  I “get it” now, but not before reading the content.  That’s a big negative unless name recognition will take this book off the shelf and into a reader’s hand.  I certainly hope so since I believe that Jethani has hit on something really important in this book.

This book was supplied by the publisher via Booksneeze in return for this review.

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