Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Review: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
Nabeel Qureshi

An amazing journey for the author of this book and for the reader as he walks with him through the years of searching.  Yes, years.  As the title suggests, Qureshi was Muslim.  To their credit, his parents taught him well and lived their faith before him.  But, as time went passed and Qureshi moved into young adulthood questions arose.  His search led him through the Islamic literature and the Christian literature.  He studied and debated, defending his faith.  In the end he acknowledged the truth of Scripture.  

That end was not any surprise given the title, but what impressed me was his perseverance and the faithfulness of his friend, David.  He stood with him throughout the process encouraging him and helping him understand more.  David also learned much throughout this time.  Is that what evangelism and discipleship is supposed to look like?  I think so.  The sad part is that Qureshi had to leave his family behind.  They did not understand, and although it does not say, it seems they made no attempt to understand.

This story is his story, but is also the story of anyone making the decision to follow Jesus, I think.  So for that reason and also for gaining some valuable insight into just what coming out of a different world view means, I recommend this book.  An added benefit is to follow the intellectual trail and apologetic trail this book describes.  There are some good arguments presented here, ones that if you haven’t already encountered you will.  The wisdom shown in the presentation of the rebuttals is worth the read just in itself.  So take some time to read this book.  It isn’t long or complicated, and it is very engaging.

This book was supplied by the publisher in return for a review.

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