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Review: Extreme Prayer: The Impossible Prayers God Promises to Answer by Greg Pruett

Review: Extreme Prayer: The Impossible Prayers God Promises to Answer
Greg Pruett
Tyndale Momentum

From the back cover---“Drawing on Scripture, Greg Pruett show how to intentionally tap into Jesus’ open-ended promises about prayer in a way that achieves maximum Kingdom support.”   That’s what I want.  Tap in and receive.  But wait---that isn’t exactly what it says.  The author’s whole point is that Jesus meant what He said with those open-ended promises if we will do things Jesus’ way.  

Pruett learned extreme prayer by practicing it out of necessity.  He and his family lived in West Africa for a number of years as Bible translators for language groups that had no access to the Bible in their native languages.  The extreme part gets real very quickly in that sort of setting.  As he tells of their experiences he also leads the reader through the transformation to the practice of extreme prayer which---spoiler alert! ---is the sort of prayer that most of us would call real prayer, persistent prayer, or as Pruett calls it in one chapter, shameless prayer.

This book challenges and encourages the reader.   My favorite line is “As resources go, prayer outperformed anything I’ve seen.” (58). He is talking about the nuts and bolts operation of an organization.  Yes, it even works in that setting, and he has lots of stories to back up that conclusion.  So this isn’t just a theory book, it has very practical applications, real world stuff, throughout the narrative.

This book is worth your time and money.  I recommend it to you.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a review.


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