Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: RVR 1960, BIblia de Estudio Holman from Holman Bible Publishers

Review: RVR 1960, BIblia de Estudio Holman
Holman Bible Publishers

Yes.  I am going to review a Spanish language Bible.  The BibleGateway site says this about the 1960 revision, “This revision of the RVR has been the basic text most used by the evangelical Spanish-speaking church. It is the most beloved translation of Spanish-speaking Christians because it retains the traditional style of the Spanish language.” (https://www.biblegateway.com/versions/Reina-Valera-1960-RVR1960-Biblia/#vinfo).  

The actual text of the Bible I will leave to the experts.  One thing I will add is that when I compared it to the NVI (the Spanish NIV) there were differences in word choices and word order.  This would be similar to the differences seen among the English language Bibles.  

This particular Bible is a study Bible and a very nice one at that.  The paper weight is good and the finish smooth.  Interspersed throughout the text are color photographs, illustrations, and maps.  Each book is prefaced with an introduction and sections related to the author, historical setting, message, and outline.  A feature that I liked was a timeline that helped locate different people and actions within the book.  Copious notes that follow the text add insights to aid the reader in his understanding.  Certain Greek and Hebrew words have their own sidebar explanations too.

In addition to all that there is a concordance, glossary, maps, and reading plans.  Another feature that I liked was the inclusion of several theological articles.  For instance, before beginning the Old Testament readings the editors have inserted an article that covers the origin through the canonization of the Old Testaments books. Before the book of John there is an article about the Incarnation and Christology.  This is a study Bible.  

The copy I received is hard bound, about 2300 pages.  It does lay flat when opened, and the font is just right I think.  It has a red letter New Testament, two column text, and center cross references.  Paragraph style within the text, verse listing in the notes that accompany the text.  

It doesn’t get much better.  Yes, I do recommend this one.

I received this book from the publisher for review.

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