Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: KJV Foundation Study Bible from Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Review: KJV Foundation Study Bible
Thomas Nelson, Inc.

KJV Foundation Study Bible, hardcoverKJV, King James Version, the text of Scriptures translated into the English language long ago.  Happily, the more recent editions have dispensed with the script used back in the 1600’s and opted for a more modern one.  It’s my understanding that the translation itself has not been altered, but that realm belongs to the experts.  The features available in this particular version from Thomas Nelson are what I intend to address.

As the title states, this is a study Bible.  The notes do not intrude or interfere with the main text and are not available for every verse.  That keeps the number of pages to a more manageable size and weight.  Those notes are generally basic, but insightful.  Each book has a brief introduction covering the author, date, theme, and a key verse.  Cross references, a concordance, and a good set of color maps round out the study material available in this edition.  As listed on the dust jacket the words of Jesus are in red, a feature that some prefer.

One of the nicest features that I found was that this book has a guarantee related to its workmanship available on the Thomas Nelson website.  I did check on that, and if it falls apart it can be replaced, assuming normal use, of course.  I tried to break the hardbound copy I have and failed. That made me happy since I’ve had several Bibles from different publishers that did come apart.  

I would recommend this Bible as a good, basic, personal size study Bible.  One other note, I found the font size and clarity adequate for most readers except those that need the extra large print perhaps.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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