Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Great Enigma Tomas Transtormer, translated by Robin Fulton, 2nd edition

The Great Enigma: New Collected PoemsA review of a Nobel Prize winner?  No, but I will make a few comments about what I have read.

First, I'd recommend reading the forward and his memories at the end of this collection before the rest. Helps to place him in geography , history, and his general reactions to specific points in his life.  Overall this collection reveals a very personal sort of poet.  By that I mean he seems to write from his own recollections and impressions just to express the experience in words.  He doesn't seem to attempt any commentary about politics or such like. 

Second, all the technical stuff related to poetry like meter etc. is way beyond my knowledge level, but as a plain old reader I liked most of this collection.  It tended to the somber with little splashes of color here and there---generally as spring return to the countryside.  Have to wonder how much the climate affected his life and writing.

Last, would I return to his writing?  Yes, that's one of the beauties of poetry. It can be fresh at each reading.

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