Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Extraordinary Ordinary Moments: A Journal by Jorey Hurley

Review: Extraordinary Ordinary Moments: A Journal
Jorey Hurley
Clarkson Potter

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments: A JournalI love journals!  So I had to take a look at this one, of course.  Nice feel, intriguing design for the cover, and big blank space to use on each page.  That isn’t to say the pages are blank.  Each one has a prompt and a small bit of artwork which is the author’s as well.  As Hurley suggests in her introduction this can be a book for writing, doodling, pasting pictures, whatever works for you.  Hence, the big blank spaces that beg for attention.  So far so good.

And it stays good.  The idea is to take a few minutes a day to “start noticing the wonderful, surprising, and interesting things already all around you.  Your life is beautiful.”  Time well spent and I’ve found it refreshes the mind and soul.  Here’s a couple of random prompts I picked just flipping through the pages.  Something full of possibilities, something you love about love, a smart animal, a classic song, something perfectly bite size.  

I’m sold on this one.  It’s a vehicle for a few minutes of niceness for yourself.  I do recommend this journal to you.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a review.

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