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Review: The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the Biblical Code That Proves the Existence of God by Timothy P. Smith with Bob Hostetler

Review: The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the Biblical Code That Proves the Existence of God
Timothy P. Smith with Bob Hostetler

Prove the existence of God with a biblical code?  The subtitle of this book put me off right away.  Not another secret code book!  Enough of that sort of thing.  I guess that makes me prejudiced against this book from the beginning.  I suspect I will not be the only one, but I did read it.  Nearly every word and I did skim though the glossary and the reading list.  Others will read it, too.

Smith’s story is fiction worthy, but the reader is told up front that it is a true story of the journey Smith took exploring some unusual occurrences in his own life.  With the help of Hostetler, a published author in his own right, Smith proceeds to tell his tale, albeit in a format that reads more like fiction.  I would have preferred a more decidedly nonfiction approach.  

Without loads of spoilers the book traces Smith’s dreams that link him to finding the strength of ancient forms of communication through symbols and other means.  What he found he decided to use in his search of Hebrew language Scripture.  He doesn’t omit objections that arise as he works through his story.  Could it be mere coincidence?  Or some clever old scribal tricks?  Or if you rearrange columns enough can anybody find secret codes? Good questions considering some of the material the public has already been exposed to in previous code type books.  Or is the author just some sort of person who is less than healthy emotionally?  Those objections were not overlooked.  That is a plus for the author.  

After reading this book I can’t say I’m convinced of any secret codes in the texts, but it was interesting reading his search for explanations for his findings.   

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.  


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