Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: Trade Up: How to Move from Just Making Money to Making a Difference by Dean Niewolny

Review: Trade Up: How to Move from Just Making Money to Making a Difference
Dean Niewolny
Baker Books

Who is Dean Niewolny and what is Halftime Institute?  Without spoiling the book for you, Niewolny is the guy that discovered there is more to life than money and did something about it.  Halftime Institute is an organization that helped him do that.  And now he heads it up.  So, he’s not talking theory in this book.  He lived it.  
Cover ArtLike most projects a good plan helps achieve a good outcome.  Trade Up describes that plan along with some advice related to some of the challenges a person can encounter shifting from just making money to making a difference.  It’s about discovery, strengths, and passions, gifting, and the journey itself.  It is not just sell all your possessions and go live among the downtrodden of some remote place you didn’t know existed.  That could be the outcome, but for most it is more like tweaking and adjusting.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean no pain.  It’s also about long term changes and not quick fixes.  The Institute exists to help you make it happen.  In several places along the way in this book the reader finds the advice to not go it alone.  Support and mentoring keep you sane and on track.  

If you have any little desire to move to making a difference and want to explore the idea, this is the book to read.  One other point, I think the book could be helpful, even if you are not in the upper echelon of financial means.  Initially I found that intimidating, until I realized that more modest money makers can face the same impasse of making money versus making a difference.

I received this book form the publishers in exchange for a review.

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