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Review: Talking About God: Honest Conversations about Spirituality by Steve & Cheri Saccone

Review: Talking About God: Honest Conversations about Spirituality
Steve & Cheri Saccone

Love the back-cover comment.  “Evangelism is intimidating. But talking is natural…A vital part of every meaningful relationship you’ve ever had.”  That’s what this book is about.  Talking with someone and in the process evangelism sort of just happens.  Well, not quite that simple, but it does open the way.  

Each chapter of this book illustrates how that can be so.  It’s the art of conversation, and each conversation recorded in this book shows how that can happen.  This is not a set of case studies with discussion questions to follow.  The authors opted for the conversational approach in their story telling with the reader.  The flow is so natural you’ll think your reading a good fiction work.  You aren’t though and there’s lots to be learned here.  When to pursue a particular direction, when to sit quietly and listen, when to offer help.  Oddly, the reader may find themselves in the conversation too when he realizes that’s the same issue he has struggled with in the past or maybe even the present.  I found the conversation with Yash and Eric particularly engaging.  You may find Maya or Jen’s helpful.  Or one of the others.  

I do recommend this book as a help when a conversation turns toward spiritual topics.  That turn might be a turning point for someone, and the examples in this book could serve as a guide for you as you seek to respond appropriately.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a review.


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