Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Envy

Wonder how much time folks spend on their blogs. Some of them are fabulous. Pictures and links and all sorts of good stuff. Of course some of them are themed like cookie recipes or travel or art or cars or noodles. You name it, there's a blog for it. Guess one of these days I'll have to update mine. Not in the foreseeable future though. No time right now. Procrastination. That could my theme. It'd be a big blank screen. Or not.

Saw a headline that the stimulus saved a bunch of teacher jobs in California. Good press right now, but what happens in the next fiscal cycle? California is still broke from what I hear, along with 49 other states and probably some territories too. I guess we can cut down a few more trees and print more money.

The dollar is being challenged as the coin of the world now I hear and the USA may be fading as the world leader. Not sure that's a bad thing really. We've tried to supply aid and troops to just about everyone since I can remember. (And that's quite a while now.) Maybe it is time for someone else to try to run the globe and solve all the problems. Let China fix what's wrong with the Sudan and Somalia. Or stop folks from blowing each other up all the time. England had the title for a while and had to give it up. They survived the trauma, so maybe we could too. Then all the ills of the planet could be someone else's fault besides ours.

While I'm on you suppose there is about to be a viable third party in this country? Will we have to form coalition governments? Or will the Republicans morph into something other than what they are currently. The next couple decades (or less) will be interesting in this nation. At least I think so.

Just in my area the political scene is so busy ratting each other out you have to wonder if there's anyone at the helm any longer. I guess the person on the switchboard might be left in place. It started with a couple of judges on the take and now it's a new name or two everyday in all political corners. A purge of sorts.

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