Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

October arrived today and for some reason that makes me happy. The leaves haven't turned, thick clouds obscured the sun, a damp northerly breeze added to the overall fallness of the day. Spellcheck says fallness isn't spelled correctly. Actually, it's probably not a word either but it works for me. Still October makes me happy today.
The biggest event aside from October's arrival happened a couple of days ago. I have an idea for Nano! That's a really big deal. So is the idea. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me. I'd still like to try it just to see if I can come anywhere near pulling it off. It's going to be a scifi/political-ish idea. So far at least. Ideas morph as time goes along. See, I learned something from last years try at it. Now to get all pieces going for it so I can write when the contest starts.

So why am I doing this instead of creating the perfect alien creature or his world? I am creating but it's running in the background at the moment. The biggest thing might entail explaining the why's of the world and it's population. Why do the trees grow so tall? Why do they not have birds? Why are they building a fleet that will deplete their natural resources? Stuff like that. Like I said this is a big project. Ought to be fun.

Still reading NT's books. Started the reread of the blue book now. Got a couple of others going as well. No fiction though. Not reading much of it lately for some reason. Not even Oprah's latest choice whatever it's title. Must be a phase or something.

Speaking of reading I think I'll go do some of that now and bask in the beginnings of October with a good read.

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