Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow. Two weeks since I posted here. Really committed to doing this? Well, yes and obviously no. Can't say the time away produced any amazing news. Nano has been on my mind a lot lately for sure. Had one in the outline stages and scrapped it. No, put on the back burner when I realized it needed more planning than I was ready to do right now. Currently, I have a totally different idea and direction that looks to be "the one ". Coming together better with fewer holes in the plot line so far. Yea! What's the big deal about this? It's just the challenge of giving it go again.

Challenges. Must be the stuff of life. Definitely the reason some of us exist. Wonder what it is in our beings that makes that so? Not sure. There's a group of folks that want to explore and do and think. Then there's some that are just the opposite. Basic wiring? Acquired? Both probably. What I am sure of in my own existence is that the lack of new challenges, new ideas suffocates me. I don't like that either. But, looking at my daily routine you'd not guess that at first. Look a bit deeper and you'd see it. Same thing as a night person forced into a day person world. Doable but definitely not the best idea. That's me on both counts. Poor me!

The first snow of the season in progress now. It's slush and not accumulated so far. It is persistent though. Forecasts? Look out the window and get the same information. It's precipitating a mix of all the conditions possible for water except vapor. And it may be doing that as well, but I can't see it unless the low clouds count. If they do then we can see all that nature has to offer in water at one time. That's kind of exciting in a way.

Let's leave it at that today. A positive note, something to ponder, a challenge to look at the world in a more expanded view.

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