Sunday, December 27, 2009

Floating Downstream

Wow. Been quite a while since I've been here. Tried a couple of times but that's as far as it got. Now the new year is closing in on me and a few billion other folks and it's time to put up a final word or two before it arrives. Made it through Christmas, but only by the skin of my teeth. If the kids hadn't come down it'd been even closer than that. I'm hoping things will start looking brighter soon.

I mentioned the new year. Do I want to make any resolutions? If there was the slightest chance even one of them might survive I'd do it. But... Yeah. All good intentions but no follow through marks the trail behind me. The only solace is that I'm not too different from most folks in that respect. Not that that makes failure any more palatable. Looks like a double edged sword here. If I don't make any resolutions then I'm a loser, but if I do and then don't follow them then I'm a loser that way as well. Hmm. I smell a rat somewhere but don't know quite what to do about that.

Change the subject. That's one way of avoiding and ignoring the previously mentioned unpleasantness. So what's the deal with the guy that tried to blow up a plane? And even more bothersome, what about the security that let him through? Pretty strange. And to fail in such a grand way is even weirder. Things are just getting plain strange any more. Or I just am missing something in all the goings-on? Just wondering.

Watching the digital picture frame rotate through the Italy pictures. Some good ones. Lots of history there and it's a history that's connected to me more than I realized. Odd. But the connection is through Christianity. Interesting that it's not through family or country of origin. To me that's says that connection is more important in my life than the others. Who would've have ever thought that would be so?

Well the end of the year musings are nearly done. Some folks might list all their accomplishments. Or recount their woes. Or make some pithy statement pertaining to life in general. I've got none of that going on here. It'd be of interest to no one but me. And maybe not even that. Time moves on. With or without me. I'm the little speck of dust that floated downstream on it. Like some wide eyed kid straining to see what's around the bend. Yep. That's about right for me. So unless I get really motivated this ought to be it for 2009. We'll see.

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