Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ignorance, Bliss, and Perfection

Ah. A new post at last. December has happened already. This year has glided right passed me. Swoosh. Now Christmas is just right there on the calendar. Only have one more idea to come up with and the gift thing will be done. Not necessarily purchased, but at least planned.

Buying for adults is tough. Mostly because the ones on my list either have it, don't want it, or it costs too much. Leaves out a bunch of stuff the retailors would want to sell. Not sure, but something tells me the bulk of their sales go to the under, say, 18 crowd. Or to the adults that are still living in that mind set. Sad, sort of. Especially if a major section of the population is 60ish.

Missed seeing Obama deliver his speech last night, but not the discussion afterwards. Turned it off after a few minutes. The question of can he sell it to the people seems silly. He just did what he's paid to do and that is make a decision. What's to sell? It's a done deal. Right, wrong or somewhere in between. The troops will go.

Sometimes the days of ignorance look good. Except for some obscure extra points question on an exam, nobody ever heard of Afghanistan. Most of us couldn't find it on a map even now. Just what, beside oil and opium, is so important about that whole part of the world? Oh, I just answered my own question I think. Not sure the human rights issues and nation building have anything to do with it. The problem with thinking that way and saying it is that then I get accused of being unsupportive to the troops that end up over there. Them I support, the reasons for the deployment not so much.

The days of some fiendish evil empire that needs destruction along with all it's denizens are probably a thing of the past. Now there's the phantoms that lurk in the shadows and are used as leverage tools. The whole population isn't involved, suppposedly, only a few bad apples that no one can control. Hmm. Smell a rat anywhere? I do. To complicated for me. I'm a product of the good guys/bad guys era.

Well, let's see. I signed up to part of a program that reviews books for a particular publishing house over a month ago, got the go ahead, requested the book from their list and have never received it. Makes me sort of wonder. Guess they reconsidered my worthiness to review for them. Still sort of irks me though.

NaNoWriMo is officially over now. Ended up with a little over 60K words. Unedited words. The really hard part starts now. Maybe next week I'll start evaluating it. Getting a tighter plot line down, looking at what fits that and what doesn't and then rewriting. Enjoyed this story much more, but it meanders around and has indeed become a trilogy in the making. That is good and bad. Good in that it worked well enough to grow, and bad for pretty much the same reason.

It's outgrown my current ability. Stretching is supposed to be a good thing and this really would do that if I decide to work that hard on it. Right now it's the sit back and ruminate time. Reread it in a week or so. Knowing that the authors that are called great have had whole giant chunks of their books round filed or seriously reworked make this more palatable. I used to think that the first draft was a nearly finished work that just needed a bit polish. But now I know the truth and it makes this next part much more OK. That's a big deal for someone who has perfectionist tendencies. That's growth.

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