Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post 'n Review

How to Reach your Full Potential for God
Charles F. Stanley
Thomas Nelson

Pastor Charles Stanley explores a three fold approach to reaching your, and his, full potential for God. Heart, body, and interestingly, schedule. I expected some other third choice but discovered that it worked well for this book. Within each category different essentials, as the author labeled them, emerged and were examined more closely.

Dr. Stanley's discussions and suggestions in this book are based on Scripture and applied appropriately in my opinion. I particularly liked the repeated emphasis on the importance of individual uniqueness.

His style is readable and accessible to most Christians, but he covers so much in each chapter that the reader can feel overwhelmed occasionally. So, expect to reread and rethink some portions of this book. I noticed that there is a study guide available for purchase. If you want to get the most from this book that might be the best way to proceed.

A major issue for me was that this book's target audience seemed to be older Christians judging from the arrangement of chapters and some of the discussions. When a topic that lent itself to a younger audience was introduced it felt out of place. Also since he had decided to cover so much territory within this book, the discussions tended to be thin and left me wishing for more depth. Maybe the next edition will include some helpful references in key areas.

Another weakness was Dr. Stanley's trying to discuss health and healthy living, which was clearly not one of his stronger areas of expertise. Nice try, needful topic, but just refer me to my health care providers.

Overall though, How to Reach Your Full Potential for God offers the reader a good entry portal into the topic of reaching your full potential for God.

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