Friday, January 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Latest in The Return land available here and now. Excited? Oh well. Worth a try I suppose. Looks like Haiti is beginning to shape up a little bit from the news. Long way to go. Looks like some folks plan to rebuild the whole place. This could be a good thing? Depends on what happens next, I suppose. They still don't have a governing body that governs. What little they had believed in a form of trickle down idea. They get theirs and anything left over might go to the next layer of society. Since it appears most folks live at the bottom that works not so well for them. We'll see how this works assuming the press goes back in a year or so.

Anyone got a handle on what the Supreme Court actually did in the decision that hit the news yesterday? Lots of frantic hype out there, but a nice balanced report might be nice. Did they just open the door for some take over? (As if it weren't already a done deal, but we'll pretend the people still have some input for the sake of argument.) Some comments I've heard and read see the end in apocalyptic 3-D at a minimum. One of the thoughts that occurred to me is that the hallowed separation of church and state has a large gaping hole in it now since most religious type organizations are incorporated and speak for their populations. Hmm. If that's so, it's going to get interesting soon. And the high court will be busy sorting that out.

Jumping to a totally different subject---I've decided to try to learn biblical greek. Might have mentioned it before. Yes, I'm probably crazy, but it's just beginning to get interesting now. Pretty well got the alphabet and pronunciation guides. Well, maybe almost pretty well. The writing part and all those little marks that go over and somewhere near some of the letters is still a challenge. That's OK. I'm new to all this. Learning to cut myself some slack. That's more difficult than the actual material at hand. But that's another story for some other time. Just started the noun forms. You know, all those endings and whether it's this case or that. Should keep my brain from turning to mush. Or it'll be the cause of said mush attack.

Part of the plan is to try to beat the winter blahs. Nano helped in November but the rest of winter is still there and gray. December is always exquisitely bad. Have to find something to cover that month. But for now the January thru April looks covered. Studies and rating a few more books ought to be enough. The end of April is a vacationish trip. Looks good. Hopefully by then it'll be warm enough to get out more. Was last year. We're going to the same spot again.

Think that ought to be enough for this time around. Besides, I'm getting hungry and want to go on a foraging mission to see what is available to munch on.

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