Friday, January 8, 2010

First of the New Year Rambles

Happy New Year! even though it's a week old now. How'd I celebrate? Yawned and crawled into my nice warm bed. Boring. Sure, but no hangover or longish-party-with-folks-attempting-to-act-like-it's-the-best-time-they've-ever-had fond memories. So far the only difference aside from a 10 instead of the 09 isn't terribly distinguishable. To me any way. News is the same, weather is too. Here anyway. The south may say otherwise right now.

I have read one whole book so far and restarted a study I'd laid aside. The book was one I kept hearing about on a TV program I normally watch. So I thought I'd read it for myself. The author might do well in the fiction market with this one. Reads like it, but is supposed to be a nonfiction work. So, do I mean it's not true. No. Although, he does say he's interpreting his research in one of the end notes related to Jonathan Edwards, and earlier he mentions that a previous article wasn't contested. I guess in this day and time that makes it accurate or the lawyers would've been invoked.

It was an interesting read and it left me wondering not about the content but what the author was really looking for in this work. The last quarter of the book seemed unrelated to the rest, but investigated what the author sees as a form of Christian fundamentalism. Meandering is a good word for this work.

I don't understand why he's surprised that an interest group like the one he describes exists and is rather strong according to his reporting. Other groups of equal influence exist apparently, so why not one that reflects the views and interests of these people as well? Isn't it a bit naive to exclude such an idea? Or are the only groups permitted the ones he believes to be valid?

Why haven't I mentioned the title or author? Seems as if there's a link that finds mentions like this one and distributes it to the author and others. Since this is my opinion, not a review I don't want it carried further than this site. "Big Brother is watching" :)

Nearly succumbed to getting another cat. Close call. If there's been any kittens where I went it'd been another story. But, as it turned out the furniture is safe and I'm not sneezing. Yes, even though it appears I have an allergy to cat dander I still wanted one. For a while. Miss seeing the way they stalk around in their royalness attitudes. Oh well. The web site with all the pictures and captions will suffice.

Time to check what's cooking now. And maybe grab a bite of something to hold me until dinner time.

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