Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Spring Time Stuff

Been enjoying spring lately and haven't bothered to stop by here. Not when there's sun to be had. Long winter and I'm making up for lost time in the sun. Rain on the horizon now so I'll come inside for this. Did I mention the crocus outdid themselves this year? Or that the daffodils are up now? Or that the birch (?) have started to bloom?

Need some rain to water in the lime we put on the garden. Played science project and tested the soil several different ways and discovered that it needs nearly everything. Not surprised. More than amazed that we got any produce at all from it in the past after seeing those test results.

Already planning this years garden even thought it's still a couple of months until it can be planted safely. Yes, the plan calls for corn and beans and peas. The broccoli did pretty well last year so maybe try that again. Bought some lettuce seed just to see if that's doable here. Some folks have pretty good luck with it so why not try. The lettuce, peas, and broccoli should yield the early crop and then the tomatoes et al next and finally the butternut squash. Those squash store forever. Had some last season that sat for a couple of months before I got around to them and they were still great. Lots better than the store bought ones I used after they were gone. No, haven't given any thought to the root or tuber type plants at all. Just don't have that much space.

On to the news of the day. Healthcare bill was signed today. Not sure where I come down on that whole scene. There is a need to address the healthcare issues of the uninsured which generally translates the poor or working poor. We as a people can't leave them on the side of the road to suffer and die, but the costs of providing something for them is enormous. So do we all say no to them or get together and help? That's pretty much the long and short of it. Right or privilege is not the issue, I don't think, but what is the decent, proper thing to do. This concern shouldn't just be for our own citizens but expand to a global vision. No I'm not saying we should pay for six billion or so people, but strive to encourage their governments and institutions to care for their people too. All of them. We share this planet and eventually what causes suffering elsewhere will affect us here at home. So just out of selfishness, if nothing else works, we need to think larger than me and mine. All of us.

Back to the home scene though, some of what I hear about the bill sounds good, some not so much so. Being unwilling to wade through a couple of thousand pages of legalese for myself, I choose to trust the talking heads and their interpretations of it. That's dumb, I know, but what else can the ordinary person do? And now the states are contesting it with court proceedings. That should be interesting if the Supreme Court gets involved eventually. Apparently the mandate clause is creating a stink. By the time this gets sorted out I'll be eligible for Medicare or pushing daisies. More talking points for all the politicos and pundits I suppose.

That about does it for now, I guess. Oh, one last item. Script Frenzy is just around the corner so I thought I ought to read a script or two. First one I picked up was Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Don't know where I've been, but I had never seen this or read it before. It is powerful and complex. More than I expected and some of the sites I checked that discussed it missed more than they covered. Have to wonder when an author sits down to write does he consider all the angles or does the depth grow from the subject or theme? Still pondering that one. Let you know if I figure it out.

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