Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: Winston Churchill by John Perry

Winston Churchill by John Perry
Thomas Nelson, Inc. 2010

What a delightful surprise this little book turned out to be! I picked it from among several other titles in the Christian Encounter Series. Wonder if the others in the series as well written?

As the title suggests this is a biography of Winston Churchill. When I received this book from Nelson in exchange for this review I mistook it for a grade school publication. Even if it is intended for a fifth or sixth grade reader, the adult reader will enjoy it too. It is brief but covers Churchill’s life thoroughly, and as they say, not exhaustively which means it doesn’t get boring at all. There is a bibliography included if a reader wants to learn more and endnote citations as well.

What I discovered about Winston Churchill’s life was his ability to persevere and prosper in some very trying situations. For instance, his childhood, while apparently the norm at the time, was difficult at best. Boarding schools, headmasters that were less than kind, the whole Charles Dickens scene that created Scrooge. Churchill’s character and personality dealt with life differently, though. He is an example true grit and determination, and some very human foibles that are not glossed over in the text.

The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that the cover and size do make it look too schoolish for most shoppers to slow down long enough to read a bit of it.

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