Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eagles, Canoes, and Other Stuff

Back after a short vacation. Rustic cabin as it is described with detached bath house. You know, like a detached garage is supposed to sell you on a house listing. Nice time really. Quiet, scent of pine whenever the breeze meandered through the area. Went to a place named Promised Land State Park in eastern PA. Cabins were built by CCC workers in the 1930's. That government program made sense. Young men joined, got paid for the work and if they needed to learn the 3R's they got that as well. Most of the paycheck was sent home, but they got enough to have some fun in town. Can't see today's young people doing that at all though. I guess back then times were tougher and so was the resolve of the people. Anyway, the cabin was solid and we learned that even the furniture was made back then as well. Simple but served the purpose.

Walking is a major activity at the park. We walked. Found a pretty spot with a nice little water fall. So relaxing. Better than the environmental tapes I used to listen to since the visual kept rolling right in front of me. Wanted to just stay there. (Attempted to load a short video below that's about 20 seconds from my digital camera. Not pro shots but you can get the idea. No sound regrettably.) The trail is tougher than it looks with rocks to climb around, over or whatever. Small boggy spots had us searching for alternate paths, too.

The park has a couple of small lakes for water type sports and no power boats allowed. After paddling around the larger lake in our canoe power boats would last about one minute. Tree stumps abound just below the surface and so do a few large rocks. Good fishing spot probably but I saw no one giving it a try. It was a bit breezy and the water was still cold. Besides, the trout season was about to open. Imagine there's a few guys out now for that.

The big attraction for me was watching the eagles. A pair nests above the smaller lake and is a major attraction. For folks like me, anyway. The eagles are quite attentive parents right now and share the nesting duties. Watched shift change at the aerie several times. The one relieved circles a few times and then soars off into a freedom glide. At least, that's the way it looks. Might be anthropomorphizing them though, but I like that interpretation. The Canada geese ignore the eagles, but go beserk when the osprey comes around. And the ducks don't seem to worry with either of them. Odd. I'd thought their chicks would make nice morsels for eagle dinners. Guess not.

The best part of being away was the lack of news. No drama over whatever some politician said or didn't made for a time of mental relaxation. The world continued to turn whether I followed the latest reports or not. Had no clue who won the golf tournament and still don't. No idea who acquired a nuke or didn't or which starlet is "hooking up" with which sports dude. So nice.

One last note. A sad one. My father-in-law passed away after a short battle with cancer. He was 93 and survived by two children, four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. A good man that lived a good life. He will be missed.

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