Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Time to pay a visit to blogland again. It's been calling to me for several days and I finally decided to listen. Got through the latest holiday relatively unscathed. Didn't even see a chocolate egg or one of those little peep things. I have tried to like them but they make much better decorations than candy whether they're yellow, pink, white or some other pastelish shade. I guess someone out there does like them since they are still available.

March Madness which carries over into April is over as well. And we promise not to nuke you unless you meet a stringent criteria. We'll see how that plays out on down the road. What has that got to do with basketball? Nothing except it's another winner take all idea, I guess. Can't wait to hear the talking heads later on. The conservative news site I check every now and then has it's spin on the armageddon side already. The bad guys will get us. And they might, but what will they have? It'll take a while to figure out what's left that usable. Maybe the Aztecs or whoever were right with their calendar. Just saying...

Summer time temps out there today and tomorrow from the forecast. Feels pretty good. Don't have a hammock and that may have to change. Lazing around isn't complete without one. Too early for the garden, but won't be long for the cool weather crops time to grow. Always look forward to putting in the garden and checking the ground for signs of the first little shoot popping up. The tough part is weeding it later on, like in July. But then there's the vine ripe tomatoes, fresh zucchini, corn. Yeah, the July bout with weeds is worth it after all.

DST still has me confused. Just checked the clock and realized I need to be elsewhere real soon. So maybe I can finish this later.

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